Thank you, Maple country! Canada immigration at a record high

The Canadian dream is a real aspiration for those who desire a better future abroad. Be it for PR, work or studies, Canada ranks high as a preferred destination for migration. The Canadian immigration scene has evolved and grown by leaps and bounds.

Now, there’s one great reason for Canada to celebrate its achievement with the world! It has touched a new high in its history of immigration! Canada immigration has set a fresh record of 341,000 members in 2019. This makes the Maple country one of the most sought-after nations in the country with a distinction!

The Canadian government has always been devising plans and policies to boost immigration. In Canada, immigration brings in skilled workers, students, and investors. They contribute immensely to its development. The best part about the latest achievement is that the immigration target has exceeded by over 10,000.

Last year, Canada welcomed 58% under the economic class, 27% under family sponsorship and 15% refugees. Are you wondering which countries fared best in this statistic? A whopping 25% of immigrants came from India! This was followed by China (9%) and the Philippines (8%).

India is among the most potent contributors to skilled workers in the UAE too! The Canadian scenario should be a motivation enough for the people of UAE. The Canadian government is planning to welcome even more immigrants in 2020! This is considering that the initial target for 341,000 immigrants has been already met in 2019.

The top 3 regions in Canada with most immigrants in 2019 were Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. 62% of all newcomers to Canada in 2019 came to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.

The overwhelming statistics is making the Canadian government brimming with confidence. They are planning to achieve an influx of up to 360,000 newcomers in 2020.

If you have a Canadian dream, you have ample chances today to go ahead and fulfill it. If you want guidance on how to immigrate to Canada from the UAE, we are here to help.

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