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Posted on September 06 2022

‘Stay 2 more years to work in Australia’ a proposal for international students

By Editor
Updated September 01 2023

Highlights: 2 more years for international students to work in Australia

  • Australia proposes to extend the stay of international students after their graduation
  • The new rules reflecting this idea were proposed in the Jobs and Skills Summit
  • The proposed term of extended stay to work in Australia for graduates, masters, and Ph.D. students was announced
  • The Government of Australia will announce which degrees will be included in the purview of this new proposal

There are now two things that Australia is proposing to improve with a view to increasing the availability of skilled and educated foreign nationals working in the country. One of these is to give more motivation to international students to stay back and work in Australia after their studies in this country. Next is to make it easier for international graduates who graduate from Australia to obtain an Australia PR visa.

A proposal was placed in the Jobs and Skills Summit by the Australian government. It said that Australia is in favor of increasing the period of stay in Australia allowed for international students to work after completing their studies in this country. The extension proposed was as follows:

Graduation level

Current period of stay Proposed period of stay
Bachelors’ Degree 2


Masters’ Degree

3 5
PhD 4


In October 2022, the Australian government will announce which degrees will be included in the implementation of the new proposal. It’s understood as of now that IT, engineering, and nursing students will get more priority.

What’s the Government of Australia thinking?

It’s well-known that the need for skilled personnel at work in various industrial sectors is currently a huge requirement. Australia needs more skilled and qualified workers and among the best candidates are international students who have completed their course of study in Australia.

The latest tangent of thought behind Australia’s plans indicates that the country is seriously acknowledging and appreciating the fact that international students can contribute immensely to the progress of the country.

The response from international students

On the other hand, the new graduates are also happy about the direction in which the Australian government is planning. There are many graduates in Australia who are eager to start their own careers and enterprises after their studies.

The prospect of getting more time in Australia after studies will translate to a greater opportunity to grow in their field and build a strong foundation in Australia. Most of the aspiring would-be migrants who want to study and work in Australia are glad that this proposal has been kept.

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What are Australia's new plans for immigration?

Another major plan Australia has is to make access to Australia PR easier for international students who graduate and work in Australia after their studies. The aim will be to extend the advantage of retaining young talent from the world over in Australia.

They already love to study in Australia, thanks to the high quality of education the country provides. Australia just has to give them the chance to find a future in Australia that leads to becoming permanent residents, making them an integral part of the Australian economy.

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Australia is realizing the need to change a huge narrowing effect seen in the way international students stay in Australia. It’s been observed that around 400,000 students arrive in Australia on student visas. Of them, around 80,000 students stay back for the currently active study-to-work package. But after that, only around 16,000 go on to get Australia PR. The country will be addressing this issue to keep skilled talent.

Australia has also decided to increase the target number of immigrants to Australia from 160,000 in the previous FY to 195,000 in FY 2022-23. This jump of 35,000 numbers is expected to attract more professionals like tech and healthcare workers to Australia from abroad.

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Advantage to Australia

Skilled migrants also help Australia to realize its multicultural identity. Combined with their professional skills, these migrants can literally bring the kind of growth Australia want to achieve socially and economically.

More on the new developments

Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil has stated that the government will establish a working group to advise the Ministers for Home Affairs and Education. Their advice will be instrumental in the development of the new rules and tackling other issues that are relevant. The group has to submit a report to the ministers no later than October 28, 2022.

Constituting the working group will be representatives from the National Tertiary Education Union, the Council of International Education, the Departments of Home Affairs and Education, and Universities Australia.

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The bottom line

If international students completing graduation in Australia get to work in Australia for a longer period, it will provide certainty to international students when they pursue their studies. It will also help them find work in Australia that matches their skills and knowledge.

However, there’s also a need to encourage Australian employers to recruit international students. They shouldn’t be nervous about training them anticipating that they will leave Australia soon.

If you are willing to migrate to Australia, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.

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