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Posted on October 20 2020

Sponsors in the UAE can now get worker visa deposit refunded

By  Editor
Updated December 22 2023

Have you recently repatriated your domestic worker who has completed his/her tenure with your family in the UAE? You can apply for a refund on the deposit you made when you had applied for the visa.

This refundable deposit to be made by the sponsor of a domestic worker comes to Dh2,000.  This is paid to the immigration department while applying for a UAE worker visa for the domestic worker.

When the domestic help or housekeeper leaves the UAE, you can apply for the deposit earlier made. This can also be done when your domestic worker finds another sponsor to work overseas in the UAE.

The Tadbeer Center is where to make the refund request. Tadbeer centers manage services for domestic workers in the UAE. Their offices are spread across the country.

To apply for a refund, the domestic worker has to go out of the country. Or else the worker has to change the visas status to a new one.

The request must be submitted along with the following documents:

  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID in original
  • Deposit slip or the worker’s first entry permit (if not in hand, procure a copy of the same from the immigration department)

A request for the worker’s first entry permit can be placed and it will be sent to you via email. For this, essential details like the worker’s visa number and other details have to be provided.

For this work, you will have to pay Dh200 at the Tadbeer center for typing and cancellation charges. Upon successful processing, the refund amount will be credited to your bank account by the immigration department.

When it comes to charges, certain additional charges may be levied by some embassies and consulates on the sponsor depending on the nationality of the worker.

Prior to leaving UAE, the worker will have to pay a visit to the respective embassy or consulate. There, he will have to attend an exit interview. At this time, the sponsor will have to bring the following documents:

  • Copy of the domestic worker’s passport
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport
  • Proof of salary paid to the worker
  • Ticket booking confirmation
  • Visa cancellation paper

In the embassy or consulate, the sponsor must visit the Housemaid section. After the exit interview is cleared, the worker can leave the UAE. Then, the sponsor has to get an exit report or travel report from Amer centers. This can be obtained by providing the worker’s passport and copy of the worker’s visa.

The processing of the request after the paper is submitted to the consulate will be done within approximately 15 days. Upon processing, the consulate’s accounts department will call the sponsor and ask to collect a cheque issued under the name of the sponsor.

In cases where the worker hasn’t attended the exit interview, and the worker hasn’t left the UAE, the sponsor can get in touch with the respective consulate. Then the details on how the refund can be requested can be collected based on an affidavit from the worker.

The affidavit will clearly state the tenure of work by the domestic worker in the UAE. There must also be an acknowledgment of having received all dues. The affidavit is then submitted to the consulate so that the refund can be processed.

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