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Posted on June 27 2022

Singapore eases movement curbs for migrant workers

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023


  • No permission is required for migrant workers living in Singapore before leaving their dormitories after two years of the pandemic.
  • Almost 300,000 migrant workers from South Asia live in prosperous city-state dorms, usually sharing rooms and sleeping on bunk beds.
  • Four tightly controlled areas in Singapore still require applying for exit permission to visit, especially for migrant workers.

Exit passes are not required to visit

In the huge complexes locked down during the pandemic, there were poor living conditions for the low-paid workers who may not need the exit passes anymore to leave the dorms.

The strict movement-related restrictions were only in place for a short period, and the migrant workers were limited to dorms except for running errands or going to work.

Now the authorities have slowly relaxed the restrictions for visiting recreation centers, and applying for the special exit passes is also rolled out.

From the 24th of June, the workers who were employed in industries like construction and maintenance will no longer need any exit passes to leave their dormitories.

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Exit passes that require to visit

 Four tightly-controlled Singapore popular locations still require exit passes to visit.

This restriction is applied on Sundays and public holidays; there are only 80,000 passes available per day.

The Ministry authorities claim this to be a ‘potential high footfall’ measure for those popular destinations as the pandemic is not finished.

 Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics, Desiree Leong

 A local group Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), supports migrant workers and encourages the end of exit pass restrictions claiming it to be discriminatory. Like the other people, the migrant workers living in Dormitories also need the freedom to visit.

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