Singapore 2021: The latest on jobs for skilled workers

Jobs outlook in Singapore for 2021

Let’s share some very interesting and significant facts and expectations on the job scene in Singapore. Singapore, as you must be aware, is one of those highly developed nations in Asia that youngsters around the world would like to explore in terms of employment and investment.

If you are looking for reasons to consider Singapore as the destination to work abroad, the following factors could help you in making a decision:

  • Extremely lucrative salaries
  • One of the most globalized economies of the world
  • Ease of getting a residence/work permit
  • The political stability of the country
  • Low crime rates and zero corruption
  • The recognition as the country with the best labor force in the world

The COVID-19 situation has undoubtedly affected Singapore also. In the employment sector, the increased reliance on information technology has created a need for a large number of skilled personnel. These include technically skilled people who can keep the businesses and daily activities going smoothly through practices like remote working and remote management.

Jobs in Accounting & Finance and Sales & Marketing have also started to take increased advantage of the digital systems which involve automation and applications based on AI. Opportunities are ripe for those who are skilled in digital technology.

The requirement for skilled personnel in the service sector for functions such as procurement and supply chain activities is also high these days in Singapore. Skilled workers with experience in digital technology will be at an advantage here.

If any sector of the economy has recorded a significant increase in skill recruitment, it’s healthcare and hospitality. There is a rising demand for those with medical expertise as there’s the requirement for more frontline doctors and nurses to fight the crisis that is presently rampant in the form of COVID-19. The same goes for technical specialists and other professionals who can do a lot to help the country get through the pandemic crisis.

Despite the uncertainty regarding the future of traditional jobs like those in finance, business development, and customer services in the face of COVID-19, these roles and functions haven’t lost their relevance as yet. The only right step for the natives and the foreigners in these fields, working in Singapore, would be to upskill themselves to the digital ways of doing these functions.

Job opportunities for skilled professionals are required in Singapore in the following sectors:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Procurement & Supply Chain, and
  • Life Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources & Business Support
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Accountancy & Finance

The banking & financial sector is set to continue with its “reform and transform” policy. It’s expected that Q2 of 2021 will see increased job market and hiring activities. This will be as a result of banking establishments trying to rope-in good talent who can help them get an edge in their operations.

Another job area that is expected to demonstrate steady improvement is Human Resources (HR). There’s an increased demand for roles like HR business partner, HRIS project manager, HR operative executive, and compensation and benefits analyst.

Another opportunity that international workers can grab in the Singapore job market is in the biomanufacturing and chemicals sector. Those who possess the in-demand skills in the sector will be able to negotiate for a salary that’s higher than what was prevalent in the time before the COVID-19.

The IT industry in Singapore is expected to be more active in 2021. With skilled and upskilled workers getting great demand in the industry, more power to choose employers will come to the hands of employees. The salary increment rates for IT workers who are looking to switch employers will range between 8% and 12 %.

So, Singapore is presenting job trends that are positive and will serve skilled workers in different areas with great opportunities to get ahead in a career.

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