Quebec’s employers of foreign workers to offer new wage rate

Quebec new salary guide

Employers of foreign workers in Quebec will now have to refer to a new salary guide prepared by MIFI, approved now in 2020. The new salary rates will come into effect from December 1, 2020.

Quebec's employers of foreign workers tooffer new wage rate

When the Immigration Ministry gets an LMIA request, such a request goes through a verification. In that step, it’s determined if the salary offered by the employer is the same as the salary offered to a Quebec worker in the same job category. The salary must also be also at par with the employee’s experience at his/her work in Canada.

For a job offered but not covered by a decree or collective agreement, the wage will be determined by the Immigration Ministry. The hourly wage for a particular application is established using 3 categories. It’s determined according to the number of years of work experience needed for the candidate as per the employer’s requirements.

In case the salary information isn’t available in the salary guide, the Immigration Ministry will refer to the available information on Canada’s job bank about federal wage.

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MIFI – Ministry of Immigration, Frenchisation and Integration

LMIA – Labor Market Impact Assessment

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