Prepare to stay and study in China, with facts and tips

Facts are facts and it becomes necessary to know as much as you can about a country before you prepare to study abroad. Here are a few things you need to know about China before you fly there to study.

First, let us see why China is gaining popularity as a study destination in the world to study overseas. Here are the reasons:

  • China is a leader in innovation today. The major innovation is happening in fields like technology, engineering, and medicine. Breakthroughs are also being made in the mass production of textiles, furniture, and plastic articles.
  • China has many universities with top ranking on a world scale. It has 106 ranked colleges and universities to boast about.
  • Students will find it great to have low tuition fees, easy processes for university and visa application, and the opportunity to join social activities like concerts, movie premieres, as well as a splendid nightlife.
  • In many areas in which China’s making investments to surge ahead, education is a big one. The “Study in China” plan was launched in 2010. The aim of the plan was to attract 500,000 international students. In 2018, there were 492,185 foreign students in China. The number of students is only increasing by the year.
  • The cultural diversity students will find in China will capture their attention and interest.

Now here are some facts that will help you to be prepared as you reach China for studies. These are some social cues that will help you to live in the country as you complete your studies.

  • You won’t get to access any of the Western social media in China. The control of the internet in China is strictly with the government. That doesn’t include Facebook, Instagram, or even Google, which is a scenario that could come hard on you. Get used to WeChat instead of WhatsApp and Weibo instead of Twitter.
  • The knowledge of conversational Mandarin will become necessary as getting away with English won’t be a possibility if you have to live amongst the native people. The native Chinese aren’t very fluent in English and you must step up to that fact and learn Mandarin.
  • Public restrooms could be anything that you won’t really expect. If you are particular about restroom quality and type, you could have to compromise with average and lower amenities.
  • Crosswalks shouldn’t make you confident enough as it is in your country where vehicles stop when people step on to the zebra line. You will need to step up your caution while crossing the road, even the right way.
  • If you are allergic to spitting or watching people spit on the road, try to overcome the disgust or reconsider your visit.

The prospects of China are on the rise as an educational hub. The way this sector is showing progress in a big way and you could be taking advantage of it now.

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