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Posted on June 02 2022

Planning to visit Europe? Check EU countries which have ‘No COVID restrictions’

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

News highlights

  • 9 EU member states are maintaining COVID-19 restrictions in June 2022.
  • The summer season is coming and other countries in the EU are granting restriction-free entry.
  • Restrictions lifted include accessing public events and places without proof of vaccination.

Traveling to an EU country. Check the list first.

If you are planning to visit Europe, it is necessary to know if there are any COVID-19 travel restrictions. So that you can go ahead and follow the necessary precautions. Below you can find the information about the EU member countries who follow and doesn’t follow the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

List of countries without COVID-19 restrictions

Here is the list of countries that have lifted COVID-19 related restrictions on those who visit Europe and will allow you to enter those countries freely:

List of EU countries with ‘NO’ COVID restrictions






Czech Republic











These countries have waived the COVID restrictions. That means you no need to show any certificates of

  • Vaccination
  • Recovery
  • PCR tests, etc.

against the COVID-19 to enter the countries. These 20 countries are expecting foreign travelers who are planning to visit Europe for their summer holidays.

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EU member countries following COVID-19 travel restrictions

There are still some EU member nations that are still following the COVID-19 travel restrictions. For these countries travelers have to present proof of COVID-19 status individually.

Here’s a quick look at the COVID-19 rules implemented by these countries:

Country COVID-19 rules
Estonia All travelers from third countries must present a certificate of vaccination/recovery/negative test result for entry. For third-country travelers primary vaccination to be done in the last 270 days or a booster shot.  
Finland Travelers including third world and EU/Schengen nationals must show a valid vaccination/recovery certificate upon arrival in the country. The primary vaccination to be done in the last 9 months or has got a booster shot.
France Travelers from EU/EEA countries (Green category) and many third countries are allowed entry upon presenting a certificate of vaccination/recovery/test. Travelers from Orange category countries can enter freely except that those without a certificate of vaccination/recovery must present a negative test result for COVID-19. They must also give a strong reason to visit France.
Germany All travelers aged above 12 have to present proof of vaccination/recovery/test upon entry.
Malta All travelers must carry a valid proof of COVID-19 status upon arrival. All travelers have to present proof of vaccination/recovery/test upon entry. From June 6, no children under the age of 12 will need to show COVID-19 status proof.
Netherlands All non-EU nationals have to present proof of vaccination/recovery/test upon entry.
Portugal All travelers must present proof of vaccination/recovery/test upon entry.
Slovakia All travelers are required to present proof of vaccination/recovery/test upon entry. Travelers belonging to a special category must present a negative COVID-19 test report.
Spain All travelers are required to present proof of vaccination/recovery/test upon entry. Primary vaccination to be done in the last 9 months or get an additional dose of vaccine.
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