The pathway to claiming Canadian citizenship is here

Foreign born children of Canadians

It’s a known fact that Canadian parents pass on Canadian citizenship to their children automatically. It doesn’t matter where they are born.

It’s required that at least one legal or biological parent must be a Canadian when the baby’s born. If your citizenship is proven to the Canadian government, your children will get the benefit of becoming a Canadian and the perks that follow that status. It also makes you exempt from COVID-19 travel restrictions.

If you are the child of a Canadian born outside Canada, you have to apply for a Proof of Citizenship to get Canadian citizenship for your child. The Proof of Citizenship is also known as the Canadian Citizenship Certificate. Getting this certificate will take $75 (CAD) in cost and around 5 months for processing as per Canada immigration rules. Nevertheless, urgent cases could be processed in lesser time.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) provides the forms to apply for the certificate on its website. In case the documents aren’t in English or French, a translator must translate the document and provide an affidavit. The translation mustn’t be done by a family member of the applicant.

The documents submitted must be in color, must be easy to read, and should have clarity. IRCC will need the original birth certificate with the name of the Canadian parents.

You as an applicant must also have proof that at least one parent was a Canadian citizen during birth. For this, you can produce the parent’s certificate of birth, a document of citizenship, or any proof of the parent’s Canadian status.

In case the parent’s name is absent on the certificate of birth, IRCC will accept birth records and documents that confirm the name of the Canadian parent. These could be court orders, pre-birth orders, hospital records, or surrogacy agreements. It’s to be noted that adoption orders aren’t accepted in this case.

IRCC will also ask the reason to be explained for the absence of the Canadian parent’s name on the applicant’s birth certificate or why the certificate was replaced or changed. If the applicant isn’t sure, then an explanation as to why must be given.

Upon receipt of a completed application, IRCC will send an acknowledgment of receipt. Incomplete applications will be sent back to be filled with the missing elements. Upon receipt of a satisfactory application, IRCC will send the citizenship certificate. This certificate will act as your proof of citizenship in Canada.

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