Ottawa helps temporary workers having PR visa delays

Ottawa to give open work permits to temporary workers

Ottawa is currently showing the willingness to give open work permits to applicants for Canada PR in Quebec facing lengthy delays in application processing. This will be done within the coming month or so. The work permits will be given in numbers that go to tens of thousands. These would be individuals whose applications are held up by lengthy delays in processing.

The provincial government of Quebec and many organizations inside the province have asked the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s administration to issue open work permits to these applicants who are now having to wait for up to 3 years before getting their Canada PR.

There are over 51,000 TFWs who have already got selected by the provincial government. These individuals are waiting for their status of permanent resident Canada offers.

Earlier this month, Quebec’s immigration minister urged to bring lengthy application processing delays to an end.  He thinks that it’s deplorable that immigrants have to suffer the long delays while they have already been selected by Quebec. It takes an unfair amount of delay for them to get their Canada PR.

The time taken for processing applications for Canada PR in Quebec is currently reported to extend to over 2 years long. This sounds ridiculous when compared to 6 months taken in other parts of Canada.

It’s concerning that the situation worsening. In 2019, the application processing time in Quebec was 19 months.

IRCC Canada has made an admission previously that it slowed down the application processing for permanent residence to Quebec. The staff of the federal immigration minister initially connected the slowdown to a moratorium request on these applications.

However, that allegation was soon met with denial by the staff of Quebec’s erstwhile immigration minister who held the office at that point in time.

Ottawa later admitted that no such moratorium existed and was claimed. There had been a misunderstanding because of the document in the French language from Quebec.

Quebec is quite ambitious on immigration. In its latest budget, the province has invested $246 million in programs designed to attract and retain immigrants.

The money invested is earmarked to let Quebec’s MIFI improve its processes to recognize foreign qualifications of immigrants better. The processes also aim at recruiting immigrants to areas that are outlying. This is done to meet the needs of the labor market through immigration. This will improve programs designed to integrate the newcomers into the society of Quebec.

The funds also serve the purpose of boosting education programs in the French language for immigrants as well as attracting more foreign students.

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PR – Permanent Residence/Permanent Resident

TFW – Temporary Foreign Worker

MIFI – Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration

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