How online media keeps immigration real in a COVID-hit world

How online media keeps immigration real in a COVID-hit world

Online citizenship ceremony

In the COVID-19 affected world, everything about social interaction and communication, from a walk to the grocery to international travel has changed. The preventive measures of social distancing and home isolation are globally practiced. Countries have closed borders and restricted travelers. But through all this pain, technology has come to the rescue to ease the difficulties.

As a global phenomenon, travel is the worst hit by the COVID-19. There are many ways of communication, like phones and video calls to converse with people. But it seems impossible to fulfill certain travel-related activities.

Take immigration for instance. When it comes to migration overseas to settle in a country, personal presence becomes important. In today’s perilous situation, such a possibility barely exists. But have the world nations done enough to help applicants for procuring PR visas or even citizenship?

Take Australia as an example. The latest news from the country is that it has announced holding online citizenship ceremonies. Australia is ensuring that those who are desirous and fit to become the country’s citizens must not be waiting because of the pandemic.

The new measure proves the power of implementation of online technology in immigration. The decision was in response to the requests of thousands to the Australian government. They all wanted citizenship to be issued to approved applicants.

Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs, Alan Tudge made a very important observation. He said that with the COVID-19 situation, traditional in-person citizenship ceremonies cannot be held. Hence, the Government will conduct online citizenship ceremonies. This will be done via a secure video link. This will enable people to go on to become Australian citizens even in these hard times.

The Australian government has decided to work with those in urgent need. With the full implementation of this facility, it will be possible for 750 people per day to get citizenship. With 85,000 people waiting for the citizenship ceremony, the online method will prove to be extremely efficient.

The new method has been great news for the applicants. It came to them in addition to Australia’s decision to let temporary visa workers who are not laid off to keep their visas.

Such measures with the aid of technology could start a new trend of viable tech solutions in immigration even after COVID crisis ends. That could help immigrants get services faster and more conveniently.

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