Oman to grant Work Visas online soon


To work in Oman, your employer in Oman must first obtain a Work Visa for you. The responsibility of sponsoring an overseas worker rests completely on the employer in Oman.

Employers in Oman will soon be able to obtain Work Visas online, as announced by the Royal Oman Police.

As per the Royal Oman Police, the new electronic Work Visa system will save time for both the ROP and the employers. Employers applying for a Work Visa would be able to complete the procedure online. Employers will not be needed to go to the General Administration of Passports & Residence Office for a review. Business organizations which are registered on the online visa system will be able to obtain a Work Visa online.

It is necessary that all business establishments who sponsor foreign workers should register themselves on the e-visa system. The registration process can be completed at the nearest Office of the General Administration of Passports and Residence.

The online Work Visa system will be rolled out in phases. In the first phase, only commercial establishments already registered in the e-Visa system will be eligible, as per The Times of Oman.

The new online visa system will cut down the processing time for Work Visas. It will also create a more encouraging environment for the business sector in Oman.

Employers who wish to use the e-Visa system should visit the e-Visa website of the ROP.

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