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With Visitor Visa- subclass 600, people can enter Australia for purposes of tourism, business to visit family and friends. Some people may prefer to club two or all the three aforementioned activities when they visit the ‘Land Down Under.’

Earlier, there were different visas for tourists, business, sponsored family and sponsored business visitor. The visitor visa (subclass 600) has replaced all of them.

For this multi-purpose visa, applicants need to submit notarized copy all their current passports’ pages. Included in which will be the back page of the passport, alterations page, and bio data page

In addition, one recent photograph of each of the people must be attached to the application form along with their birth certificates’ copies. Mentioned in the certificates must be the names of both parents. It is better to be ready having a Health and Police Clearance Certificate in person.

For children who are aged less than 18 years, a notarized ‘no objection certificate’ form any parent who is not accompanying them is necessary, besides copies of their parents’ passports. The parents have to give their permission with a statutory declaration. If these children are not staying in Australia with a parent or a relative or a legal guardian or relative, then they must submit a declaration signed by the individual who will be their guardian as along as they are in Australia.

If you want to obtain a visitor visa- tourist visitor stream, you have to submit a completed Form 1419 – application form for it. Along with it you should provide your itinerary (travel details within that country), activities you would undertake and the accommodation details. For proof funds to take care of yourself, you need to provide bank statements’ copies (personal as well as business) for certain duration of time to satisfy the immigrant authorities, copies of documents of any assets held by you and documents of taxes paid by you for the past three years.

With this visa, people can travel to Australia for a short business trip, which lasts for up to a maximum of three months. Included in the business activities are attending conferences or seminars, partaking in negotiations for self or on behalf of others or to explore possible business activities in which one may hold a stock or invest in.

This visa is granted to people holding passports and who intend to visit Oz for business

This visa is available to all passport holders who want to visit Australia for business activities. Sponsorship is not required for this visa.

This visa has taken the place of Business (Short Stay) visa (subclass 456), Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant-Short Validity) (subclass 977), Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant-Long Validity) (subclass 956), eVisitor visa (subclass 651) and Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay) visa (subclass 459). All these visas no longer exist.

Visa applicants need to submit Notarised copy of all the pages of their current passports. Included in the notary pages should be photocopies of biodata pages, photocopies of any endorsement pages or modifications in name pages of the current passport, and photocopies of the backpages with information of previous passports and parents names on them. In fact, these requirements are necessary for all visa categories.

In addition, one must submit SubClass 771 (a visa form numbers 876 and 956), one recently taken passport size photo, a covering letter from the companies of the applicants or applicants themselves, a filled up incoming passenger card, which is available on aircraft or ship before arrival.

The normal processing time for these visas is three to five working days.

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