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Posted on November 29 2022

No LMIA required for Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: LMIA not required for Significant Benefit Work Permit

  • Applying for a Significant Benefit Work Permit does not require LMIA
  • The SBWP is a part of the International Mobility Program
  • Applicants have to satisfy Significant Benefit Considerations to apply for SBWP
  • The process of applying for SBWP is similar to the regular work permit

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SBWP application does not require LMIA

Significant Benefit Work Permit has been designed for those workers whose hiring will be beneficial to Canada culturally, socially, or economically. SBWP is a part of the International Mobility Program and LMIA will not be required during the process of application.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates have to satisfy the Significant Benefit Considerations to apply for this special work permit. These considerations will ensure that the arrival of the immigrants will benefit Canada culturally, economically, or socially. Candidates who successfully satisfy the considerations will be able to get the work permit easily. The following evidence has to be provided as a proof of significant benefits:

  • Candidates need to get accreditation from an academic institution regarding their professional area of expertise
  • National or international awards or patents received by the candidates
  • Candidates should have worked in a leadership position in an organization

Consideration factors SBWP

Candidates have to prove their eligibility for economic, social, and cultural benefit considerations which are discussed below:

Economic Consideration Factors

  • Prevention of disruptions of employment for Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Provide benefits to Canadian industry through the following:
    • Market expansion
    • Job creation
    • Product or service innovation
  • Providing economic growth to remote areas
  • Creation of employment or training opportunities for the following:
    • Canadian citizens
    • Permanent residents
    • Individuals registered as an Indian under the Indian act
  • Business transaction negotiation and conclusion that will be beneficial for the Canadian economy

Social Benefit Considerations

  • Deal with the health and safety issues of permanent residents and Canadian citizens
  • Provide strength to social inclusion in communities
  • Product development for improving the environment
  • Improving the community image and boosting the local investments in heritage resources and facilities for supporting tourism services

Cultural Benefit Considerations

  • Candidates should have received a national or an international award
  • Membership of a peer review panel is required
  • Scientific or scholarly contributions in the required field
  • Candidates need to have academic or industry publications
  • Candidates need to be popular for their cultural or artistic activities

Requirements needed for the Significant Benefit Work Permit

The requirements that candidates have to submit with the application for SBWP are as follows:

  • Submission of LMIA exempt offer of employment in the Employer portal.
  • Proof of the following:
    • Accreditation
    • Experience
    • High-level competence in the occupation
  • The application should be submitted to the Global Case Management System of IRCC
  • Employer compliance fee payment proof

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Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit



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