NLPNP has announced what students need to work in the province

Newfoundland and Labrador changes requirements

The NLPNP has announced changes that Newfoundland & Labrador immigration has made to the requirements for International Graduate category. The announcement was made on December 10, 2020.

The following are the changes for applying for Canada work visa:

  • The candidate must have a PGWP with at least 4 months’ validity remaining.
  • The candidate must have a full-time job or job offer from an eligible employer. The job offered must be in NOC 0, A or B, or C grade on the In-Demand Occupation list.
  • The job must guarantee at least 30 hours of work per week. It must be at least of one year in duration with a reasonable expectation of extension.
  • The candidate must have a job offer that is either:
    • Directly related to the field in which the candidate has done studies if he/she has completed studies outside Newfoundland & Labrador (along with minimum one year’s work experience in Newfoundland & Labrador prior to applying), or
    • Not directly related to the field in which the candidate has done graduation from the College of the North Atlantic or Memorial University along with meeting the criteria as mentioned below:
      • He/she must have a post-secondary degree or diploma
      • He/she can be reasonably expected to eventually achieve career advancement.
      • He/she is in a field in which he/she skill along with experience and/or training in the last 5 years.
    • The candidate must be aged between 21 to 59 years.
    • The candidate must have the intention to permanently settle in Newfoundland & Labrador.
    • The candidate must have enough funds to settle in the province.
    • The candidate must have sufficient language capability in English or French to do the employment duties. Testing language skills is needed for In-Demand occupations of NOC C category.
    • In case the applicant is an owner of a business that he/she is employed in, that stake cannot go beyond 10%.

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NLPNP – Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

PGWP – Post Graduate Work Permit

NOC – National Occupational Classification

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