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Posted on December 13 2022

New Zealand requires 10 million healthcare workers by 2030

By Editor
Updated September 20 2023

Highlights: Registered nurses added to the “straight-to-residence" NZ Green List

  • 10 million healthcare workers are required to work in New Zealand by 2030
  • Registered nurses will be on the NZ Green List, eligible for the straight-to-residence pathway from December 15, 2022
  • More occupations got added to the Green List with workers eligible for the work-to-residence pathway
  • Midwives and specialist doctors will also be able to use the straight-to-residence pathway from December 15, 2022

*Are you a nurse interested to work overseas? We have interesting news for you.

New Zealand has decided to add healthcare workers including registered nurses to Tier 1 of the NZ Green List. Registered nurses will be eligible to use the straight-to-residence pathway from December 15, 2022.

What’s New Zealand Green List?

The NZ Green List is a list of occupations that are meant for highly skilled workers and which are in high in-demand. Professionals in those occupations are guaranteed a permanent residence pathway for New Zealand.

The Green List has a two-tier system. Occupations under Tier 1 provide eligibility for the straight-to-residence pathway while occupations under Tier 2 provide eligibility for a work-to-residence pathway.

With the new decision announced by Michael Wood, the Immigration Minister of New Zealand, registered nurses will be shifted from the work-to-residence list to the straight-to-residence list.

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What difference will that make?

As the name indicates, the straight-to-residence pathway won’t require its beneficiaries to meet specific requirements related to employment in New Zealand to be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

Currently, healthcare professionals like registered nurses are in high demand in New Zealand with an increasing shortage that’s a matter of concern. So, the NZ government decided that nurses will be shifted from the work-to-residence to the straight-to-residence list. This is, in other words, shifting them to Tier 1 of the NZ Green List from Tier 2.

With this move, nurses will be able to immigrate to New Zealand faster, with the least obligations and criteria. This will increase the possibility of more qualified nurses immigrating to New Zealand. It will help the country meet the demand for their services adequately.

This is even more significant considering the fact that a large number of nurses have been lately lodging applications to work in New Zealand. It was high time that the NZ government had to simplify immigration for them to attract more of them from around the world.

Other developments around the NZ Green List

  • Specialist doctors and midwives who aren’t eligible already will get their place on the Green List, becoming eligible for the straight-to-residence pathway.
  • Teachers, mechanics, and drainlayers were added to the NZ Green List.
  • An extension of employer accreditation by a year has been granted. This is applicable to those who will get their first accreditation before July 4, 2023.
  • The Government of New Zealand will also add a Specific Purpose work visa which will help to hold back close to 2,500 critical workers in the country for a period not exceeding three years.
  • The NZ government will also introduce an Open Work Visa with 12-month validity for about 1,800 individuals who have been on a Post-Study Work Visa but missed out at the time the New Zealand border closed due to COVID-19.

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