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New Brunswick had the Progressive Conservative government back in power on September 14, 2020. The policies of the government and a 5-year action plan for population growth are expected to result in an increased influx of immigrants to the province.

The government has already announced the goal of attracting 7,500 immigrants every year by 2024. This is the maximum number of immigrants allowed by the federal government of Canada under Canada immigration rules.

By the year 2027, the Progressive party is aiming to welcome 10,000 immigrants to the province. Another agenda of the province is to increase the number of immigrants who speak French. This is intended to be achieved through the PNP. The result will be the growth of the francophone culture.

The Progressive party has set a goal of making 33% of its population to be francophone immigrants. This is now aimed to be achieved by 2024.

The Progressive party also will be working with professional institutions and institutions of higher learning to attract international students. Even skilled workers and professionals will be welcomed and the young population of the province will be maintained and flourished.

There are plans to invest in experiential learning initiatives. To solve the shortage of labor and an aging population New Brunswick is now depending on improving the immigration scene with more skilled immigrants coming into the province. In fact, immigrants have created the longest period of sustained growth since the 1990s.

The data from Statistics Canada estimates that the population of the province is approximately 780,900.

New Brunswick’s Premier has also revealed plans to open offices in Europe and India to promote immigration to the province. The initiative will attract investors too along with foreign workers willing to work in Canada.

In the years to come, the province will also attract companies in emerging sectors like digital health, cybersecurity, and energy innovation via Opportunities New Brunswick. This is the business development agency of the province’s government.

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