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Posted on January 24 2023

New Brunswick announced 'a new pathway to retain international students'

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of New Brunswick announced a new pathway to retain international students

  • New Brunswick to announce a new pathway for international students to retain them after Graduation.
  • Addressing the need for a workforce and access to skilled talent has been a crucial step for New Brunswick.
  • Provinces to increase the number of international students’ nominations through their PNP (Provincial Nominee Program).
  • International students in Canada can become Permanent residents through PNP.
  • 3 Canadian universities are among the 100 best global universities rankings worldwide.
  • International students can work in Canada during studies with 3 permits: On Campus without a Work Permit, Off-Campus with a Work Permit & Co-op and Internship programs.
  • A foreign student can apply for PGWP after Graduation to gain Canadian work experience.

A new pathway to retain international students by New Brunswick

The Atlantic Canadian province of New Brunswick is planning to launch a new route to encourage International students to remain after Graduation.

This move helps to boost the number of foreign students to nominate through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Most Provinces followed the same move.

PNP is one of the popular ways that an international student can become a PR of Canada, says the report 'After School: Keeping International Students in Province.'

 The increase in PNP slots for foreign students can make the way easier to stay in Canada and provides retention in the Canadian provinces of study.

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Arlene Dunn, Provincial Immigration Minister New Brunswick

Addressing the shortages and the needs of the workforce, growing the population, and getting access to skilled talent for the employers of New Brunswick is crucial.

International students are considered the critical component of the province's talent pipeline that contributes to more diversity & inclusion.

The $1 million, 3-year Study & Succeed in New Brunswick program offers international grads access to resources, support, tools, training, connections, and professional contacts that boost the availability of skilled workforce to stay in New Brunswick.

More settlement services for International students from Provinces

 New Brunswick is all set to aid international students seeking Canada PR to help with settlement services.

Provinces to improve retention by supporting international students from post-secondary institutions and provincially funded settlement services.

The first task for Canada is to provide high-quality education through the best Global Universities. 9 annual universities have been ranked best among 2,000 educational institutions in the world.

3 Canadian universities are the 100 best universities.

University name

The University of Toronto (UofT)


The University of British Columbia (UBC)

The McGill University


IRCC has been providing the best immigration programs to retain international students. In the first nine months of 2022, 418,260 international students had study permits for Canada 2022.

How do study permits allow International students to work in Canada?

A foreign national is allowed to study in Canada with a study permit at an authorized institute for the duration of the specified program.

Eligibility criteria for study permit in Canada

  • Must have obtained admission from a school, university, college, or any educational institution in Canada.
  • They can pay the living expenses, tuition fees, & return transportation for themselves and the family who enter Canada along with them.
  • Police verification certificate.
  • Medical examination certificate.

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Visas and work permits that help international students to stay in Canada

  • TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) is required for students if they are citizens of a country from which visas are needed for entry into Canada. This permit is not required for visa-exempt countries.
  • IRCC permits international students to work while studying in Canada

 The following categories are the work permits that allow foreign students to work in Canada during their studies.

  • Off Campus with a Work Permit;
  • On Campus without a Work Permit;
  • In Co-op & Internship Programs (gaining work experience is part of their course syllabus, with a Work Permit).

Work permits for spouses of foreign students

International students' spouses or common-law partners as dependants are also considered eligible for work permits during the study permit duration.

Work Permit after Graduation

After Graduation, international students can apply for a work permit under the PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit Program).

PGWP is issued to the students as per the study program length, which is up to three years.

Exceptions for study permits for foreign students

According to the following criteria, foreign nationals do not need a study permit to go to school in Canada.

  • If the length of the course/program of study is not more than 6 months;
  • If the student belongs to a family member/staff of a Canadian foreign representative or;
  • If the student belongs to a member of a foreign armed force.

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New Brunswick – a new pathway for international students

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