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Posted on April 05 2023

Migrate to these 5 countries in 2023 without a job offer through Jobseeker Visas

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Countries offering job seeker visas in 2023

  • Austria, Germany, UAE, Portugal, and Sweden are offering job-seeker visas to address the labor shortage.
  • The job seeker visa allows skilled workers to come to the counter, look for jobs and participate in work-related activities for a given timeframe.
  • The candidates can apply for a work permit upon getting a job offer to stay in the country for extended periods.
  • The primary eligibility factors that are similar for all the countries offering the job seeker visa include language proficiency, medical insurance, educational qualifications, and financial funds.

Germany job seeker visa

  • The German job seeker visa was first introduced in 2012 and is now one of Germany's most common types of visas.
  • The German job seeker visa is valid for six months, and the candidate can look for employment in the country.

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Eligibility for the German job seeker visa

  • A minimum of 5 years of work experience in the chosen field.
  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree from a qualified university in Germany or degree.
  • Have proof of valid health insurance for your stay in the country.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.

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How to apply for a German job seeker visa?

Step 1: Apply for the visa at the local German consulate or embassy.

Step 2: Arrange the checklist of requirements.

Step 3: Fill out the application.

Step 4: Schedule an appointment with the visa interview.

Austria job seeker visa

  • The Austria job seeker is known as the Category D Visa with a validity of 6 months.
  • Highly skilled professionals are eligible for this visa for a minimum of 70 points for specific categories.

Below is the 70-point division for allotment points for the Austria job seeker visa.

Special qualifications/skills Points (maximum 40 points)

Graduation from an institution of higher education, the minimum duration of programme: four years


In the subjects: mathematics, informatics, natural sciences or technology

Post-doctoral qualifications or PhD 40


Research and innovation activities 20

Awards (recognized prizes) 20


Work experience Points (maximum 40 points)

Work experience (per year) 2


Six months of work experience in Austria 10


Language skills Points (maximum 10)

German or English language skills (A1 level) 5


German or English language skills (A2 level) 10


Age Points (maximum 20)

Up to 35 years of age 20


Up to 40 years of age 15

Up to 45 years of age 10


Studies in Austria Points (maximum 10)

The second part of the diploma programme or half of the required total ECTS points - 5


Completed diploma programme or Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme - 10


How to apply for an Austria job seeker visa?

Step 1: Arrange all the checklist of requirements.

Step 2: Fill out the Austria job seeker visa application form.

Step 3: Submit all the requirements at the local embassy.

Step 4: Apply for the job seeker visa.

Sweden job seeker visa

The Sweden job seeker visa is valid for three months and can be extended for six months.

Eligibility for the Sweden job seeker visa

  • A Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or an advanced degree.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Evidence of intention to search for jobs or establish a business.
  • Medical insurance
  • A valid passport
  • You must be a non-resident of Sweden.

How to apply Sweden job seeker visa?

Step 1: Visit the local embassy in the country.

Step 2: Arrange the checklist of requirements.

Step 3: Fill out the application form for the visa.

Step 4: Submit all the requirements with a consent letter.

Step 5: Wait for the status of your visa.

UAE job seeker visa

The UAE job seeker visa only permits single entry and is valid for 60 days, 90 days, and 120 days.

Eligibility for the UAE job seeker visa

  • A Bachelor's degree.
  • Proof of funds.
  • It would be best to have a classification under the first, second, or third skill level, per the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • An active passport.

How to apply UAE job seeker visa?

Step 1: Visit the local embassy.

Step 2: Choose the service as per your requirements.

Step 3: Upload all the requirements.

Step 4: Pay the application fees and apply.

Step 5: Wait for the status of your visa.

Portugal job seeker visa

The Portuguese job seeker visa is a single entry valid for 120 days with a renewal period of 60 days.

Eligibility for the Portugal job seeker visa

  • Medical insurance
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of travel itinerary.

How to apply Portugal job seeker visa?

Step 1: Visit the local consulate

Step 2: Arrange the checklist of requirements.

Step 3: Upload all the requirements

Step 4: Fill in your visa application and submit it.

Step 5: Wait for the status.

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