Migrate to Sweden-Europe’s innovative nation

Migrate to Sweden

The gorgeous lakes, coastal islands, mountains, and woods of Sweden are well-known. People from other countries are drawn to the country not only because of its scenic beauty, but also because it is one of the safest places to live.

Sweden has a population of 10.3 million people.

The main reasons for migrating to Sweden are:

  • Work: The country offers job opportunities in various fileds. Its booming startup and technology sector has openings for foreign workers.
  • Family: Another reason to migrate to the country is to join close family members already staying in Sweden. In fact, this is one of the largest groups which migrate to Sweden.
  • Study: Many come to Sweden for higher studies. Most of them come from Asia, Europe, and North America.

Know more about study in Sweden.

Work permit

The country has job openings in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • IT

Immigrants who wish to migrate here for employment the country provides favorable working circumstances. Workers from other countries are issued work permits which are valid for two years and can be renewed for another two years. If they wish to settle in Sweden, they can apply for permanent residency after four years of working under a work permit.

 If the individual finds a job with a new employer in Sweden during the two years that the work permit is valid, he should apply for a new permit. He can change jobs and request for an extension once the work permit’s validity expires.

Individuals with a work permit are allowed to bring their spouse/registered partner, children under the age of 21, and children over the age of 21 who are financially dependent on them to Sweden. They should apply for residence permits either as part of their original application or separately.

Universal healthcare, paid leave for parents with a newborn or sick kid, subsidized childcare, before- and after-school programs, and tax-funded education are among Sweden’s family-friendly policies.

Residence permit

The first thing you should do is apply for a residence permit before coming to work or study here especially if you plan to stay in the country for more than three months. People from EU countries are exempt from having a residence permit while for those from non-Eu nations this is a basic requirement and they must have a job in Sweden before applying for a residence permit.

 There are two types of residence permits:

  1. Temporary resident permit
  2. Permanent resident permit

The temporary resident permit is valid for two years which can later be made permanent. The permanent resident permit is valid for a maximum of five years.

Permanent residency

You must have resided in Sweden for at least five years before applying for permanent residency. EU citizens will be granted residency at the end of the five-year period, even if some of that time was spent unemployed. Non-EU citizens must show that they worked for the entire five years (even if it was self-employment) and were able to support themselves and their families.

You can travel in and out of Sweden if you have a permanent resident permit, but you must have a valid passport and your residence permit card with you when you return. Your residence permit allows you to leave Sweden for a year without it impacting the validity of your permission.

The possibility to bring family members to Sweden under Swedish family reunification legislation is another benefit. Family members may join you in Sweden on a temporary visa, but they must apply for their own.

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