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As the world is returning to normalcy after over 2 long years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to think again about how and where to migrate abroad. Most of the major migration destinations of the world have reopened their borders to immigrants, setting the ball rolling for immigration overseas in many countries.

Post-pandemic economic recovery is a priority for world nations. They are doing everything needed to welcome immigrants and skilled workers so that they can go back and even perform better than pre-pandemic levels. Even for potential immigrants and skilled individuals looking for work abroad, this is the time when they can utilize the high demand they have in foreign countries.

World economies are scrambling to find enough foreign talents to fill the vacant jobs that need skilled hands of qualified workers. The native population in countries like Canada, Australia, and Germany is falling short of providing enough skilled people to join in-demand and specialized jobs. This makes it essential for them to invite more and more skilled foreigners as immigrants.

If you are an aspiring immigrant, you may be interested in knowing which countries are now the best ones to move to post-COVID. Here we are bringing you the names of those countries and why they are recommended.


Canada has an aging population. This puts pressure on the country to find skilled hands from among foreigners to fill the vacant positions. For this reason, Canada hasn’t reduced its immigration quota.

Canada still conducts regular Canada immigration draws (via Canada Express Entry) as well as Canada PNP draws. There were around 1 million job positions vacant in Canada in Q4 of 2021. Other reasons to choose Canada immigration include:

  • It’s one of the happiest countries in the world.
  • The country is counted among the safest among world countries.
  • The time taken to immigrate to Canada is under 6 months.
  • The target for new immigrants in Canada for 2022 is 432,000. By 2024, the country is planning to invite 1.3 million immigrants.
  • If you are looking for world-class education, Canada is a top destination.
  • Canada has a universal healthcare system which makes it easy for getting basic treatments and medicines for free or at heavily subsidized rates.

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After 2 years of being affected by COVID-19, Australia has opened its borders now completely and is on a path to recovering its economy through new immigrants. Major reasons to choose Australia immigration include:

  • About 5 lakh job vacancies in the current quarter are open awaiting skilled foreigners to join them.
  • Australia is a safe country with a multicultural environment that immigrants will find highly livable.
  • Australia is an English-speaking nation that has a developed economy. This makes it highly comfortable for English-speaking nationals to live and work in this nation.
  • In 2022 Australia will be inviting 2 lakh Australia PR visa applicants to become residents in the country.
  • Most of the applications (90%) will be processed in a short time of 8 months.
  • Australia offers an excellent healthcare system that new immigrants can get the benefit from.
  • Besides these, high quality of life is a highlight of Australia.

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The UK

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK has made a very impressive comeback despite the impact of Brexit. The country has exceeded growth expectations as a major economy in the world. Here are some reasons for the UK being a great choice as an immigration destination:

  • There are currently over 1 million job vacancies and the country is seeking skilled immigrants to fill them.
  • The UK offers a high quality of life, emphasized by a minimum salary of £25,600.
  • In 2022 the country is expecting 6 lakh applicants for immigration. The spouses of immigrants can also live and work in the UK if they have the eligibility prescribed by the UK immigration
  • For immigrants, the UK offers free education and top-class healthcare facilities.
  • The immigration visa process is quick in the UK.

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The most powerful economy in Europe has strong and highly effective plans for recovery and resilience in action. This is making the country ready for the future. The country requires skilled workers to work in different fields of industry. Here are some major reasons for considering the UK as the best destination for immigration:

  • There are over 1 million job vacancies that will need skilled foreign workers in 2022.
  • Immigrants to Germany will find high quality of life. An excellent welfare system is one of the factors that ensures this.
  • Skilled foreign workers in technical and technological fields are in high demand in Germany. They are mainly absorbed in IT, engineering, and healthcare industries.
  • Germany is ready to invite 4 lakh immigration visa applicants in 2022.
  • You aren’t required to provide IELTS results for Germany permanent residency.
  • To attract immigrants, Germany has currently relaxed its visa policies.
  • Germany offers free higher education for immigrants.

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