Malaysia has a plan for working adults to study


Malaysia has introduced a new program. It’s for assisting working adults to further their studies. For this, the HRDF program Strengthening of Lifelong Learning for Skills Enhancement makes sure there’s a continuous supply of quality local human capital. This will be ensured via initiatives that are effective to build and develop a world-class Malaysian workforce.

MSU is an applied university. It features a holistic ecosystem approach to learning and employability. MSU’s vision for an enhanced future is enriched by scholarship, excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

MSU offers award-winning academic programs that meet stringent standards of international and local bodies. The university’s accreditors include MQA, ASIC, ABEST21, and ACEEU.

MSU has many plans on offer for working adults. This means access to undergraduate and post-graduate programs is available. These programs are designed considering the student’s convenience and their professional and educational backgrounds.

These programs are accessible to lifelong learners from all walks of life. They get to choose from different study modes, the one that suits their situation best. This means they get to choose programs conducted on evenings, weekdays, or weekends. They could even choose virtual learning via video conference with the support of online discussions.

The learning process that extends over a long time period and helps the learner advance in professional life. They will also have great personal satisfaction.

For this MSU blends traditional academic curricula with TVET. Competencies are improved with industry internship, creative entrepreneurship, community, and global exposure. These are all that MSU graduates need to empower them with the skills employers seek in their workers.

The MSU students can use the advantage of extensive partnerships and collaborations with institutions in over 40 countries. The students get capabilities and opportunities to stay adaptable with employability around the world.

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HRDF – Human Resources Development Fund

MSU – Management and Science University

MQA – Malaysian Qualifications Agency

ASIC – The United Kingdom’s Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges & Universities

ABEST21 – The Japan’s Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow

ACEEU – The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial & Engaged Universities

TVET – Technical Vocational Education and Training

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