Jobs outlook in Finland for 2022

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Finland is a good option for the people who want to work overseas. According to a report, till 2030, there will be a high demand of professionals in the field of information services and computer programming.

According to the reports, there will be different types of new jobs and job replacements, and these jobs will occur in the fields of business and administration. Other jobs will include the professionals related to legal and cultural associates.

Jobs in demand with salaries

The table below will show the occupations in demand in Finland:

  • IT & Software Development
  • Engineer
  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR
  • Hospitality
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare

CEDEFOP Forecasts

The forecasts provided by CEDEFOP covers the forecast up to 2030. The economy of Europe is expanding continuously, and the GDP of Finland is also increasing. Corona virus pandemic has affected the economy for a short time. There are some factors that are still impacting the job outlook, and one of them is the aging population.

Other factors include the usage of automation, globalization, artificial intelligence, and scarcity of resources.

Policies to welcome foreign resources

The government has imposed certain policies which will help to invite international workers to Finland. These policies are made to attract more and more international employees to come to Finland. These policies are discussed here.

Language requirements are not needed

Now the international employees do not need to learn the Finnish language as it is a tough language to learn, and many professionals were prevented because of this policy. After removing this policy, Finland is hoping to have more immigrants in the country.

Reduction in visa processing time

The visa processing time has been reduced by the government. The processing time for the work permits will be two weeks. Earlier it took 52 days to provide the work permit.

Settling the families

The government of Finland has started providing various facilities so that the families of the immigrants can settle down easily. These facilities include day care, housing, and schooling facilities.

Workplace diversity

The government is establishing more businesses in the country and hiring more foreign workers from different countries. The migration of the workers to Finland is promoting workforce diversity. This will be a great source of attraction for the international talents and investors. A multicultural environment will develop, which will encourage the settlement of foreign workers.

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