Job trends Canada-Human resources clerk


Job trends Canada Human resources clerk

HR (Human Resources) is the department in a firm which is in charge of overseeing recruiting, analyzing performance, training, and administering benefits to the company’s employees.

HR careers are one of the most popular in Canada, with a consistent increase in demand each year. Human resources clerks assist human resource officers and human resources specialists to compile, maintain and process information relating to staffing, recruitment, training, labor relations, performance evaluation etc. They are employed in personnel departments in both private and public sectors.

The demand for HR professionals has seen a consistent increase in Canada every year. So, if you are a HR professional who is thinking of migrating to Canada then there is a good chance for you.

Human resources clerks support human resource officers and specialists in compiling, maintaining, and processing data related to staffing, recruitment, training, labor relations, and performance evaluation, among other things. They work in both the corporate and public sectors in personnel departments.

How to immigrate to Canada as a Human Resources clerk?

Express Entry is the system to use if you want to work as an HR Manager in Canada. Express entry is a point-based system that places you in the Express Entry pool according to your performance. Check if you are eligible using the Y-Axis Canada immigration points calculator.

Individuals can migrate to Canada through employment and earn permanent residency status if they are invited.

You can get an Express Entry nomination based on skill transferability. This means that the knowledge, skills, and experience you have gained through your work experience as a HR professional will be of value and increase your chances of immigrating to Canada.

Candidates can always immigrate to Canada even if they don’t have a job offer if they have a good CRS score and a Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

The table below describes the minimum requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. This will help you check if you qualify for the same.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
Eligibility Requirement Description
Work Experience One year within the last 10 years
Language Skills Excellent English or French language proficiency
Job Offer Not required but can increase your CRS points
Education Minimum of a high school diploma or higher

Human Resources professionals appear on the target occupation list in a few provinces. You can apply under the Provincial Nominee programs of these provinces which include:

Candidates can always immigrate to Canada even if they don’t have a job offer if they have a good CRS score and a Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa. Receiving a job offer, on the other hand, would increase a person’s score by 600 points, allowing them to enter the country more easily.

Average salaries for Human Resources clerk

Median wage per hour- The median wage for this profession is 25.1 dollars per hour and the maximum wages for this profession is in the Canadian province of Alberta where the median wage is 27.8 dollars per hour.

Community/Area Wages ($/hour)
Low Median High
Canada 16.00 25.13 31.75
Alberta 19.03 27.88 49.32
British Columbia 17.50 23.90 29.10
Manitoba 14.00 22.76 31.25
New Brunswick 21.00 25.00 29.23
Newfoundland and Labrador N/A N/A N/A
Northwest Territories N/A N/A N/A
Nova Scotia 17.31 25.00 29.23
Nunavut N/A N/A N/A
Ontario 16.35 24.40 27.69
Prince Edward Island N/A N/A N/A
Quebec 19.89 26.67 33.67
Saskatchewan 17.69 24.80 42.05
Yukon Territory N/A N/A N/A

Skills required

  • Analytical skills to plan and analyze information
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to process information
  • Knowledge of business, finance and management

3-year job prospect-The job prospect in the next three years for human resources clerks is fair in most provinces of Canada.

Location Job prospects
Yukon Territory Undetermined
Saskatchewan Undetermined
Quebec Fair
Prince Edward Island Undetermined
Ontario Fair
Nunavut Undetermined
Nova Scotia Fair
Northwest Territories Undetermined
Newfoundland and Labrador Undetermined
New Brunswick Fair
Manitoba Good
British Columbia Fair
Alberta Fair

10-year predictions

Between 2019 and 2028, there are predicted to be 3,500 new job positions for human resource clerks, with 3,500 new job seekers ready to fill them.

During the projection period, job opportunities and job seekers are predicted to be roughly equal, and a labor supply-demand balance is expected to prevail until 2028.

Employment requirements

  • Candidate must have completed secondary school education
  • Candidate must have completed college or other courses in personnel administration
  • Candidate must have some amount of clerical experience

Responsibilities of a human resources clerk

  • Maintain staffing and other personnel information,
  • Organize and maintain a database of employees.
  • Prepare a list of employee relationships.
  • Disseminate health and safety information.
  • Arrange for internal and external personnel to receive training.
  • Respond to questions concerning personnel issues.
  • Posting ads for job openings
  • Screening candidates for jobs
  • Conduct employment tests and rate them
  • Perform reference checks
  • Create reports

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