Italy sets recovery hopes on Italy visit visa arrivals this season and ahead

Italy’s travel & tourism sector to create 500,000 jobs (1)

Blog highlights

  • Tourism is going to play a major role in Italy’s economic recovery
  • Travel & tourism is going to make a huge chunk of GDP contribution
  • Expectation of positive growth in the next decade
  • Tourism to generate a large number of jobs in the next decade

Italy’s future with tourism

In the coming decade, Italy’s economic development will be largely stimulated by the country’s travel and tourism industry. As per the estimate of WTTC, in the next year economic recovery will reach pre-pandemic levels. Italy’s economy is expected to grow just 0.3% short of the levels achieved in 2019.

WTTC has also stated in its EIR (Economic Impact Report) that the tourism sector’s GDP contribution in 2023 will possibly reach above €194 billion. In 2022, the travel & tourism sector is expected to make a contribution to the country’s GDP in excess of 8.7% which will amount to €176 billion.

The job sector impact

Coming to the job sector of Italy, the country’s travel and tourism sector is slated to create over half a million jobs in the coming 10 years. This will average over 53,000 new jobs annually.

“After two very difficult years, the outlook is now much brighter. Travel & Tourism’s projections provide a massive boost, not only to Italy’s overall economy but to the creation of new jobs”
Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO

Latest news from Italy’s tourism sector

  • The European Commission has given its approval to Italy’s aid package worth €698 million to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19 on companies in the tourism sector. The aid package is included in the national Recovery and Resilience Plan.
  • Italy has eased its COVID-19 restrictions on international travel in view of the upcoming tourist season. As per the country’s most recent travel guidelines, it won’t be necessary for foreign nationals arriving on an Italy visit visa to fill out the EU passenger locator form while checking in at the airport. This used to be a long and complicated process intended to realize international contact tracing.
  • This summer, Italy is expecting a lot of American and European tourists while the arrivals from Asia and the middle east as well as Russia on an Italy tourist visa will be comparatively low.
  • Italy is all ready to bring back the scattered workforce in the tourism industry back this season.

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