It pays well to work in Canada, study reveals current job trend

New immigrants in Canada are earning more money

It has come to the fore now that new immigrants in Canada are getting better median pay that’s higher than their predecessors. It’s definitely a highly attractive option to work in Canada for those who have acquired education and experience in their field before they arrive in Canada.

The median pay for those who became Canada PR visa holders was CAD 31,900 in 2019. This is the highest pay recorded in Canada since 1981. In fact, those immigrants who are qualified in their field of work and have had experience in their line of work before they arrived in Canada have received the highest median wages. Those in this category who arrived in Canada in 2018 got a median salary of close to CAD 45,000. This was higher than the median wage (CAD 38,800) among those born in Canada.

With experience, immigrants can get high first-year salaries. Immigrants with only education and no work experience had only CAD 15,100 as the median salary in 2019. A major factor for this is considered to be these immigrants to be younger than their peers.

With Canada immigration working on achieving a high target of 411,000 newcomers by 2023, skilled and experienced immigrants have a great opportunity at hand. If you are one of them, explore your chances to immigrate to Canada and join the country’s workforce.

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