India grants the visa-on-arrival facility for the UAE


Citizens of the UAE will now be able to avail visa-on-arrival facility in India. India has granted the visa-on-arrival facility in a bid to improve the trade and people-to-people relations with the UAE.

The visa-on-arrival facility for UAE citizens comes into effect from 16th November 2019. The facility will be available for up to 60 days. Multiple-entry will be allowed for tourism, business, medical and conference purposes.

India and the UAE have been working on improving trade relations as well as people-to-people contacts between both countries. Both countries are also trying to improve strategic ties between them.

The visa-on-arrival facility will be available at the international airports in:

– New Delhi

– Kolkata

– Mumbai

– Bengaluru

– Chennai

– Hyderabad

However, only those UAE citizens who have previously obtained a paper visa or an e-Visa for India would be able to avail the visa-on-arrival facility. Even if such people never actually visited India, they would still be able to avail the visa-on-arrival facility.

UAE citizens who are visiting India for the first time would still need to apply for an e-Visa or a normal paper visa.

Other than the UAE, citizens of South Korea and Japan can also avail visa-on-arrival facility in India. On the other hand, citizens of over 170 countries can avail the e-Visa facility of India.

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