Immigration central to Australia’s overall success


It says that it was the reason that the country’s population increased by 50 percent, helping, in turn, its economy to develop and making it so prosperous. Half of Australians were either born abroad or have at least one immigrant parent. This has given Australia a diversity to assist it in building an economy and society that is envied by all other countries.

The news daily says that it has always been a supporter of immigration as it has been conspicuously advantageous, which has been substantiated by every modern study on the issue. This is because immigration intensifies the rate of economic growth by boosting consumption, employment and demand. According to the daily, it also improves their culture and society by creating a heady cocktail of practices, traditions and tastes. Immigration supports human values, as it promotes empathy and tolerance.

If there are infrastructural problems in the Land Down Under, the solution for it depends on investing in its infrastructure. The Age does not think immigration has anything to do with it. Even problems like traffic and hosing can be solved by addressing it. These are pains that accompany the growth of any sort. The exponential changes in technology-abetted by creativity and innovation of humans can surely solve these problems.

On the other hand, resorting to protectionist practices would only undermine Australia culturally, economically and politically, it concludes by saying.

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