Immigrants should now earn more to enter the UK

New Brexit rule

The new rules of UK immigration have helped to enforce the government’s latest policy. Under this, the country will keep low-skilled immigrant workers from entering the UK. Now, the immigrants from the European Union will have to earn a minimum of £23,000 ($44,700). They will have to show that they earn as much a year before they are permitted to work in the UK.

The new points-based system contributes to applying such thresholds. This system will be implemented by the year-end. For any immigrant, it will be necessary to earn £25,600 or more from their jobs. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided that only skilled migrants will work inside the country. He rules out any special treatment or carve-outs even in the face of resource shortages.

The government reassures that the new system will be simpler and fairer. It will not discriminate between countries. Democratic control of immigration will be reinstated for the British people.

The UK will be welcoming talent from every country of the world. At the same time, it will now end reliance on importing cheap, low-skilled labor. This approach is criticized for affecting sectors like construction and social care. But as it stands, the new rule will not exempt them in any case.

The workers in such shortage occupations will be offered permission under the more demanding points system. These workers may get extra points in certain cases for immigration. But that will not guarantee them entry into the UK.

Ministers are recommending special treatment for foreign construction workers. This will help meeting Mr. Johnson’s promise to complete the fruition of £100 billion of infrastructure investment. Allowing them to come to the UK will ensure that the investment will be converted into results effectively. The urgency for resources created by overlooking the migrants’ role could stall the projects.

Under the new rules, people earning under £25,600 will need 70 points to enter the UK. The points will be given based on salary, education, English skills and job offers at an appropriate skill level. This will mean that those who earn lower wages will need to improve points in other areas.

A series of salary thresholds will also be implemented for jobs with higher earnings. This will mean that a high threshold will be set for high-paid jobs. This will ensure that high-paid newcomers will not get an unfair benefit over existing workers in the UK.

The bottom line is that the UK government is ambitious in welcoming highly skilled workers. Qualified candidates can use this opportunity by seeking well-paid jobs in the UK.

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