How to apply work visa for Singapore?

How to apply work visa for Singapore

If you want to work in Singapore, you must first find a job there and then apply for a work visa to work there. Singapore’s work visa is known as a work permit, and it permits foreigners to work in the country either temporarily or permanently.

All work visas in Singapore, with the exception of the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), are linked to a Singapore employer.

The following are the details of three common Singapore work permits:

Employment pass

Get a job in Singapore first. Your employer is the only person who can apply for an EP on your behalf. Depending on your expertise and credentials, you can apply for an Employment Pass (EP) or a S Pass.

To apply for the EP, you must have a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,900 Singapore dollars and solid credentials. Your income will be equal to your experience if you have more qualifications or experience. To be eligible for the S Pass, which is for mid-level skilled workers, you must earn a monthly income of 2,400 Singapore dollars.

To be qualified for an Employment Pass, you must have one or more of the following:

A diploma or degree from a recognized institution

Professional or educational qualifications

Specialized knowledge

Work experience

Knowledge of the job

Personalized Work Permit (PEP)

The PEP is unaffected by your company, allowing you to seek opportunities in Singapore without jeopardizing the validity of your Pass. In order to explore a new work opportunity, you can stay in Singapore for up to 6 months once you have obtained a PEP. The drawback is that the PEP is only good for three years and cannot be renewed.

S Pass

To be eligible for the PEP, you must be a current EP holder or an overseas employer who has not been unemployed for more than six months at the time of application.

 This type of work visa is provided to those with medium talents who have been offered a job in Singapore.

Dependant’s pass

If you’ve moved to Singapore with your spouse or parents, who may be EP or PEP holders, you’ll almost certainly be awarded a Dependant’s Pass (DP). You can work in Singapore without a work visa if you have a DP. Your employer will then file an application for a LOC (Letter of Consent) to force you to work lawfully.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

EP holders and gold collar professionals are eligible for the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP). The PEP is a rare type of Job Pass that is awarded to top-tier employees depending on their achievements. It is not linked to any particular employer; therefore, the bearer can change occupations without impacting the validity of the pass.

Name of work permit Details
Employment pass For academics, administrators and executives of foreign countries. Candidates must earn at least $3,900 a month and have required qualifications.
Personalized employment pass For existing high-earning Employment Pass holders or foreign professionals from outside the country. The PEP provides more flexibility than an Employment Pass.
Dependant’s pass For spouses or children of employees or S pass holders.


Work permit process

Organizations are expected to apply for work permits on the employee’s behalf. An employment agent may be hired by your employer to assist with the process.

Employers from other countries must enlist the help of a Singapore-based company to act as a local sponsor. On behalf of the employee, the local sponsor must submit an application.

Documents required

Permission for your corporation to apply on your behalf in writing.

Copy of the Personal Information page of your passport.

An authorized verification organization which verifies your educational certifications.

The most recent version of your company’s business profile as filed with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

After an application is received, it normally takes three weeks for online applications and eight weeks for manual applications to be processed.

 Work permit eligibility requirements

  • A valid passport is required for all applicants.
  • Applicants must be 18 years old or older.
  • The applicant is permitted to work only within the scope of work set forth by the authorities in the work permits issued.

Work permit terms and conditions

  • You may not engage in any other business or start your own.
  • You must work solely in the occupations listed on the work permit issued by the employer.
  • Without the authorization of the Minister of Manpower, you may not marry a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident in or outside Singapore.

Singapore provides a variety of work permit choices, allowing people who wish to work here to select the most suitable option.

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