How to apply for Finland work permit

How to apply for Finland work permit

Finland is on the upswing in terms of economic growth, which means more work prospects. This covers employment openings for international workers.

Jobs will be available in the technology, IT, and healthcare industries. Job possibilities will also be available in the automotive and maritime industries. Finland will require more than 10,000 new software engineers in the next four years, and more than 30,000 people in the maritime and automobile manufacturing industries, according to reports.

To continue on the path to economic growth, the country is considering employing a large number of foreign workers to fill these open positions.

Here are details of the various work visa options available to foreign workers in Finland

Before working in Finland, citizens from countries outside the European Union (EU) must apply for a residence permit. The type of permission they’ll need is determined by the type of work they’ll be undertaking for their employer. There are three types of work visas available in Finland:

Business visa: A business visa allows an employee to stay in Finland for up to 90 days. The employee is not allowed to interact directly with the job while on this visa. This visa allows the individual to participate in seminars and conferences. This visa may be available to individuals who will not be staying in Finland to work during the onboarding process.

Residence permit for self-employment: Individuals within a corporation, such as private businesspeople, associates, and cooperative leaders, may be granted a residence permit for self-employment. Before this permit can be given, it must be registered with the National Patent and Registration Board’s Trade Register.

Residence permit for an employed person: The most popular sort of work visa is this one. This category includes three types of visas:

Continuous (A), Temporary (B), and Permanent (P). Employees seeking residency in Depending on the length of stay, a temporary residency permit is provided as a fixed-term (B) or continuous residence permit. Unless you specifically request a lower validity time, the first permit is normally issued for one year. Current residence permits can be extended for a maximum of three years at a time.

The following documents are required to obtain a working visa in Finland:

  • An employment contract
  • A valid passport and passport photo
  • A residence permit for an employed person application
  • Medical certificates

Application process

 The procedure begins when the employee is offered a job with a Finnish firm. An employment contract is essential to live and work lawfully in Finland.

Before arriving in Finland, the employee must apply for a residence permit, which can be done online using the Enter Finland website. Within three months after filing the application, the employee must visit a Finnish diplomatic mission. Original copies of the documents, as well as supporting documentation and his fingerprints, must be presented. The Employment and Economic Development Office will assess your application.

After establishing that the employee meets all requirements for a residence visa, the Finnish Immigration Service, or Migri, will make the final decision. The employee and the employer will get written notice of the decision.

The employee will obtain a residence permit card from the Finnish embassy after clearance. The initial permission is valid for a year and can be renewed at any time.

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