France and Germany for opening borders, Schengen urged

French German border open

The ambassadors of France and Germany released a letter they had co-written. It urged their neighboring countries and the other Schengen Member States to open borders after prolonged closing owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. This, according to them, should be a coordinated effort from the nations involved. A step in this direction also will benefit immigration, be it Germany immigration or French immigration in the future.

The letter was published in the Tages Anzeiger and Le Temps newspaper. The letter expresses the importance of a coordinated reopening of borders, especially for the border areas.

Applauding the solidarity between the Schengen Member States, the ambassadors cited examples like:

  • The cooperative efforts on repatriating stranded citizens the world over
  • The German and Swiss hospitals taking COVID-19 patients from France
  • Bringing Swiss nationals home on German and French flights and vice versa

The ambassadors pointed out that cooperation in times of distress must be maintained. It should help to revive the economy of the states.

The letter also cited that there has been a significant agreement between the Ministers of Labor and European Affairs of Germany, France, and Switzerland. The 3 countries, with Belgium and Luxembourg, have agreed that the frontier workers can circulate across borders. They can continue their activities. In case this was not possible, they could take the benefit of the partial unemployment system.

The timing of this letter becomes prominent. It’s at a time when the Schengen states are gradually removing border restrictions. This is following the drop in their infections and fatalities.

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