The finer details of the Australia Partner Visa

Australia partner visa
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An overseas immigrant who wishes to process the Australia Partner Visa is required to be married or in a legal relationship with a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. You will be required to be sponsored by your partner for a period of two years for the Australian Immigration.  Once the two year period is completed you will be eligible for the permanent residence if the relationship is still genuine and valid.

Australia Partner Visa Eligibility mandates that you must be legally married to your partner and sponsor in Australia. If you are applying for the Australia Partner Visa from outside Australia, you must be wedded to your partner at the time of application or aim to be married prior to the announcement of result for your visa processing.

The documents that you need to furnish for your Australia Visa sponsored by your partner include evidence of legal marriage and of shared life and commitment. You will have to satisfy the character and health requirements that are specified by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Australia.

To process your Australia Partner Visa you must also provide documents that declare clearance from police checks in Australia or overseas. If you are having any convictions in firearms, people smuggling, violence or any other conviction, this must be disclosed to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Australia.

For Australian Immigration through the partner visa, the De facto partners need to establish that they were in a relationship for at least 12 months at the time of the visa application. They are also required to prove that relationship is authentic and ongoing. The applicant is also required to give evidence of living together on a stable foundation.

The Australia Partner Visa involves two stages in the application process. You are required to apply for the temporary and permanent visa simultaneously in the same application.

Temporary Partner Visa:

In case you submit your application for the temporary Australia Partner Visa outside Australia, at the time of being approved this visa you must be outside Australia.  If you submit your application in Australia, you must be present in Australia at the time of approval of the visa.

Once your Australian Immigration via the partner visa is approved you will be able to arrive and depart from Australia till the decision on your permanent visa is announced. You are also eligible to work in Australia.

Permanent Partner Visa:

At the time of approval of the permanent partner visa, you may reside in Australia or outside if you have applied for the visa from outside Australia. You must be present in Australia if the application was submitted by residing in Australia at the time of approval of the visa.

In the majority of the cases, the permanent residence to Australia is not approved for a minimum period of two years from the date of application for the visa.  There are some exceptions in case you satisfy certain criterion’s when the 2 year period is waived.

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