Europol warns of fake COVID test certificates, countries on alert

Europol against fake COVID-19 test certificates

Europol has issued an Early Warning Notification to alert on the presence of fraudsters selling fake COVID-19 test certificates. Cases related to this menace has been detected in parts of Europe.

This new menace is putting migration overseas a risky affair. Europol has drawn the world’s attention to this situation that involves even a forgery ring that sells negative results for COVID-19 to passengers at the Charles De Gaulle airport in France. This ring has been nabbed.

The travelers are charged between €150 and €300 for each document.

People indulging in such fraudulent practices have been apprehended in the UK’s Luton airport too. There, the authorities found fraudsters selling COVID-19 test documents for £100. These documents had names of genuine laboratories been faked on the certificates.

In the Netherlands, scammers were found to use messaging to sell fake COVID-19 test certificates for €50 to €60. Fake test results have been sold by fraudsters for even €40 and were apprehended by the Spanish National Police in December 2020.

Europol is short for European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation. The agency has issued its warning against these fraudsters taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation and has asked people traveling on a visitor visa or any other visa to steer clear of these criminals.

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