EU states come together with plans to restore free travel

11 European countries

The desire of EU citizens to be able to travel free again amongst the EU states is getting closer to fulfillment. EU countries are coming together to discuss the process of resuming free travel and tourism in the EU as the COVID-19 cases have shown a decline lately.

The Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Austria, Malta, Croatia, Italy, Greece, and Germany met this week via video conference. They discussed a coordinated approach to restore travel and free movement in the European Union.

This free movement is an essential aspect of the European project. Keeping this in perspective, the ministers in the conference reiterated the common goal of all kinds of travel in Europe. This includes professional, private, and educational travel.

This was envisioned based on the values of proportionality and the absence of discrimination.

Guidance published by the European Commission on May 13, 2020 to restore and reboot transport and tourism from 2020 was welcomed by the ministers. They agreed on several principles.

The ministers also agreed that it’s essential that EU citizens return home safely as they travel freely across the EU. To this aim, it was urged that EU states should coordinate closely. They should gradually lift restrictions and quarantine regulations.

Another major factor is the restoration of transport across borders. Considering the matching of the epidemiological conditions between any two states is a must for this. It will help stop any further spread of the pandemic across borders.

The ministers also called on private actors in tourism and tourism companies. They were asked to take reasonable precautions in the coming weeks to ensure the safety of travelers as free travel is restored.

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