Nationals of GCC can enter Tunisia visa-free


The nationals of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries can enter Tunisia Visa-free, while expats of these states can enter this North African country with a visa on arrival, said Selma Elloumi, the Tunisian tourism minister.

As per the new decision, about 25 million people residing in any of the six GCC countries can get a visa on arrival in Tunisia after they show a valid residency permit of GCC, the minister said.

Before the announcement, nationals from countries that did not have visa-exemption pacts with Tunisia had to pay for the visa, which would be valid for a fortnight.

A part of the steps taken by the Republic of Tunisia, the decision was taken to promote investments from Arab and other countries in its tourism sector and to tap the tourism potential of the country. Tunisia is renowned for its historic spots, beaches and coastal resorts

Tunisia welcomed over 4.5 million tourists in the first nine months of 2017, as the country is hoping to attract 5.5 million by the end of this year.

Gulf News cites Saudi news site Sabqas saying that notwithstanding the steady hike in tourist numbers in the country following the sharp fall in 2011 owing to a crisis in that country, the number of tourists from the GCC is not touching the expectations of the Tunisian authorities.

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