Will the 2019 Canadian elections affect immigration policies?

canada elections

The federal elections of Canada were held on 21st October. The world is wondering how the elections will affect the future immigration policies of Canada.

What will happen if the Liberals gain a majority?

If the Trudeau Govt. comes back to power, the Liberals will continue to pursue their target of admitting more than 1 million permanent immigrants between 2019 and 2021.

Most of the proposed permanent residents are already in Canada while others are in the process of following suit.

An advisory body has recommended increasing the immigration intake to 450,000 per year, as per The Globe and Mail.

If the Liberals gain power, they will move ahead with their plans of establishing a Municipal Nominee Program (MNP). The MNP was part of the election manifesto of the Liberals in the federal election of 2019.

The Conservative’s stance on immigration is to bring in workers who could fill a job right away. On the other hand, the Liberals are more focused on the future prospects of granting PR to a candidate based on human factors.

The number of people obtaining PR under the Liberals has been increasing year upon year. The trend will continue if the Liberals come back to power. Speculations are rife that with the number of PR visas increasing, there are high chances that the CRS cut-off will also be lowered.

What happens if the Conservatives gain a majority?

The Conservatives are known to be critical of the government’s policies of bringing in irregular asylum seekers. However, they hardly criticized the immigration policies or the Express Entry Program of the Liberals.

The official website of the Conservative Party states that it is committed to setting the immigration levels to what is in the best interest of Canada. The party also claims that it will safeguard and lay greater emphasis on economic immigration.

Interestingly, the Conservative Govt. was the one that launched the Express Entry Program in 2015.

What happens if neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives gain a majority?

As per projections made by CBC Poll Tracker on 18th October, the Liberals have a 48% chance of not gaining majority despite winning most of the seats. The Conservatives have a 40% chance of winning a significant number of seats and not winning a majority.

Three situations may occur in case this happens:

  • The party that wins the maximum seats forms a minority government
  • A coalition Government is formed between two or more parties
  • No Govt. is formed, and the Parliament is dissolved. It may be closely followed by another election being held.

If the first or second scenarios happen, one of the smaller parties like the Green Party, New Democratic Party (NDP), Bloc Quebecois, and the People’s Party of Canada will get a say. Such a scenario could affect the future immigration policies of Canada.

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