How Dubai tourism serves you best with the right vision

Talk about reinvention and Dubai comes as the best story to tell. Dubai is a man-made wonder today. It only scores higher with time as an international tourist destination. Dubai gives a tourist visa value for every bit of it.    

In the late 2000s, Dubai shifted its image to a tourist destination for good. Steady and planned development saw great results. Many iconic structures delivering never-before experiences were built. Spectacular events only got better every time. The desert turned into dreamland for tourists. 

What led the transformation? 

The strategy of turning UAE into a travel destination was chalked out in 2013. Then, the roadmap was laid to attract 20 million visitors each year by 2020. The vision was to make Dubai the No.1 choice for those traveling for leisure and business.  

The drive to attract tourists involved measures to: 

  • Keep existing tourist sources intact 
  • Improve the prospects of growth to max potential 
  • Take measures to increase repeat visits 

World-class attractions like Burj Khalifa and Palm Island were made. Spectacular events like Dubai Shopping Festival were conducted. The golden prospects of work and leisure created a positive result. People increasingly flocked Dubai for work and leisure. Immigrants entering UAE with a visitor visa increased spectacularly!  

How is Dubai made an amazing experience for you? 

UAE has taken many measures to boost visitor influx. This includes tourist visa policies that attract visitors. The introduction of multi-entry tourist visas is the latest example. Such measures have made a significant rise in tourist visits. The largest number of tourists is from India.  

Another measure that the UAE introduced is the E Tourist Visa. The tourism strategy of the UAE government for the future proposes: 

  • Increased leadership across core and diversified markets 
  • Developing end-to-end and ‘Only in Dubai’ experiences 
  • Promote Dubai tourism through data-driven and personalized marketing 
  • Improve Dubai even more as a business destination 
  • Establish the image of an agile tourism ecosystem 

With these plans, Dubai is looking to bring the visitor count to 23 million by 2025. For tourists, this means a larger scale of tourism infrastructure and attractions to enjoy. 

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