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Posted on February 20 2018

Dubai residents to get prorated health insurance packages

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023
  Dubai’s insurance companies will soon be launching prorated health insurance packages for its residents that would be linked with their visa durations, said a senior official from DHA (Dubai Health Authority). Dr Haidar Al Yousef, director of the health funding department at DHA, said that the step would especially benefit people with individual insurance packages who may not remember renewing their insurance. Khaleej Times was quoted as saying that these packages would be launched in few weeks. Stating that the packages would be linked to the renewal period of their visas, he said that they would also have a grace period of 30 days. Dr Haider said this was to allow the residents to purchase multi-year packages as visas could be of one, two or three year’s duration. He said that they could purchase the package that could be proportional to their visa tenure’s end. According to him, also launched by insurance companies will be flexible payment plans in order that people need pay two years at one shot. Dr Haider felt that this would be useful for individual policies, be it domestic workers or dependents. There will be 12 participating insurers (PIs), who will all be offering these packages. On the other hand, other insurance companies could also offer such packages, the DHA said. Company owners and sponsors breaching the Dubai insurance law by not renewing insurance of their employees and dependents every year on time will be fined Dh500 a person per month. The fine would be automatically deducted through the electronic system at the time of visa renewal. The Dubai Health Insurance Law No 11 of 2013 came into being as per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai. According to the law effective from January 2014, providing employees with a crucial health insurance package is a must for every sponsor. If you are looking to migrate to the UAE, talk to Y-Axis, the world’s no.1 immigration and visa company, to apply for a work visa.



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