Do you want to immigrate via Canada Express Entry? Here’s how to begin

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Highlights of Express Entry pool

  • Express Entry all-program draws are set to resume on July 6, 2022.
  • Canada Express Entry is the most popular and fastest way to access immigration opportunities.
  • Entering into the Express Entry pool requires you to have credentials that score enough for eligibility.
  • Learn about SecureKey technology used to keep your Canada Express Entry profile data with IRCC safe and confidential.

The fastest and the most popular Canada immigration pathway, the Canada Express Entry is going to bring back all-program draws on July 6, 2022.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IRCC had suspended this type of federal immigration draw. It was stopped for some time to deal with the huge backlogs of immigration applications IRCC had to resolve.

What’s an all-program Canada Express Entry draw?

Canada Express Entry system features 3 types of economy immigration pathways: FSTP, FSWP, and CEC. While the first two looks for foreign immigration candidates, CEC is used to find and convert those eligible temporary visa holders already studying or at work in Canada, to permanent residents.

During COVID-19, IRCC focused on conducting CEC and Canada PNP draws that were applicable for those Canada immigration aspirants who were available in Canada. This helped IRCC to overcome the issue with applicants overseas whose Canada PR applications were approved that they couldn’t arrive in Canada owing to travel restrictions.

With all-program Canada Express Entry draws, IRCC will resume inviting immigration candidates in all 3 categories of economy immigration. This will normalize the Canada immigration process to how it was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s the Canada Express Entry pool?

The Express Entry pool is a big repository of profiles of Canada PR aspirants. If you are one, you will have to apply to IRCC online to create a profile. You will provide all the important information IRCC requires from you by answering the questions in the online form.

Once your scores for each factor of your profile add up to at least 67 points (your CRS score), you will be added to the pool. For this, you will also comply with any other necessary criteria.

How do you get into a Canada Express Entry pool?

Before you apply to enter the Express Entry pool, you must check your eligibility to make a profile.

*Know your eligibility to immigrate to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Once your application is accepted, a personal reference code will be provided by IRCC. This code is what you can use in the future to apply for a Canada PR visa after being invited to do so.

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About the IRCC account

The Canadian government uses an electronic key (GCKey) to protect the information you submit online to build a profile. This key ensures that your information stays confidential.

There are 2 ways to sign in to your IRCC secure account.

  • You can use your GCKey (username and password) to sign in to your Canada Express Entry account with the IRCC.
  • You can sign in with your online Canadian banking information. This is possible if you already have a currently active account with an IRCC partner.

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