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australia dependant visa
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Opportunities unlimited Hope Unlimited Happiness Unlimited synonyms for making Australia your destination. Moving to Australia is nothing like heading towards the best opportunities. A country where every day is simply exciting and rapidly growing economy. Australia is renowned to be advanced 50 times compared to any other.

The convenient living standards to every dweller, may it be work or even studies. It is going to be memorable and worthwhile above all the country will make you love whatever you do.

The most populous cities are Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth all that you would experience as a dependent is going to be the same your loved one would have experienced you will follow the trail walked by the ones who have made it to Australia before you.

Australia may be less renowned for history, but has a great scope for a better and brighter future. Dependents meaning spouses, partners, or even children there are a few specifics to gather before you are reunited with your loved ones.

Dependent Spouse requirements

You can be sponsored even if the prime applicant or sponsor is working, permanent resident or a student.

  • You and your spouse should have been married together for at least 12 months.
  • If there is a dependent child must be under the age of 18 years
  • There should be a valid passport
  • Initially, the visa will be granted and during the time you are permitted to work full time at the same time can invest into any business as well.
  • After you complete the duration of stay granted the visa, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency after a 3-year stay in Australia
  • Travel documents such as tickets one way
  • Proof of funds will be an added benefit which will support you during your stay.

Primary Sponsorer Documents

  • Include the names of dependents on the application
  • Fill in the dependents form
  • An invite letter
  • Evidence if financial ability to your dependents and yourself
  • If you have children your financial ability to support their education and health needs
  • Attach your marriage certificates
  • Proof oh health insurance for every dependent including spouse and children
  • If you are a student a copy of your student visa
  • If you are on a work permit details of your employment
  • If you are permanent resident details of your current status

How to apply

  • A duly signed nomination to be signed up by the applicant and the sponsor
  • The entire documents must be placed in order and sent to the embassy in your city.
  • After the documents are processed
  • And pay the fees in full and the amount once paid will not be refunded. Relatively Dependent visa proceeding time has long wait for the processing approximately 20 months for the visa to be issued. You can check your application status through SMS alerts or even email alerts.

Even hundred feet under the world is different likewise a thousand miles apart the world is different. It would certainly make a difference when you decide to make it there. A combination of a quality life and an unprecedented career will be one Australian package, make the best use of it through Y-Axis who does not let things happen we assure to make them happen. The world best immigration consultant understands your every need. Walk into our nearest office in your city and experience the one stop solution for all your migration queries.

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