Croatia to grant digital nomads legit work life in the country

Croatia to grant digital nomads legit work life in the country

Digital nomads are a real group of people in the world who take the help of technology to work literally from anywhere in the world. They mostly work overseas as they don’t station themselves in the country from where the work originates. Hence, they are mostly foreigners who love to do their work abroad jobs from any place with the aid of digital tools.

Now, recognizing this class of people, Croatia has started the process of launching the digital nomad visa. This will enable international digital nomads to work in Croatia totally independent of location and time.

Andrej Plenkovic, the Croatian Prime Minister, announced this move through his Twitter post. With the aim of implementing the Digital Nomad visa, Croatia will be adjusting the Aliens Act, thus legally regulating digital nomads who stay in the country.

With the amendment of the Aliens Act to bring the new decision into effect, Croatia will become one of the first countries in the world to legally regulate digital nomads who stay in the country.

Though the Croatian Prime Minister is all for the new measure, the Alien Act’s amendment will first have to go through the Croatian parliament and earn the majority to be passed.

As digital nomads are increasing in numbers in recent years. They have emerged as a real entity to consider. World nations have started to amend their laws for foreigners who stay and work in the country, to include digital nomads.

As reported by MBO partners, the US alone has 4.8 million independent workers who identify themselves as digital nomads. In the UK, 0.03% of the job market has job posts offered that support working remotely. That fits right for digital nomads.

The most significant find in this regard is that productivity seen with remote workers is 13% higher when compared to office workers. The cherry on the cake is that remote workers like digital nomads are 23% less likely to days off for falling sick.

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