COVID-19 readiness plan now compulsory for DLIs in Canada

COVID-19 readiness plan now compulsory for DLIs in Canada

DLIs with a COVID-19 readiness plan are the only educational institutions that international students are allowed to come to join in Canada with exemption from border restrictions. This significant provision related to Canada immigration ensures that the incidence of COVID-19 is kept under control in Canada.

Those with a study permit or have the approval for such a permit can come to study in Canada in these approved DLIs. The students must be coming to Canada for a non-optional or non-discretionary purpose.

The approved COVID-19 readiness plan of DLIs will constitute:

  • Protection to the health and safety of all students and the community around
  • Description as to how they will manage the compulsory 14-day quarantine period for international students, covering transportation arrangements to the location where students are quarantined
  • Information and support to international students about
    • how they can procure the essential items like food and medication during the quarantine
    • staying healthy while in Canada
    • health insurance

Any queries on a school’s COVID-19 readiness plan will be made directly with the school.

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