Common myths on working abroad which are not true

Common myths on working abroad debunked

There is little doubt that the decision to work abroad can bring a change in multiple facets of your life. You will not only gain access to a better quality of life but also expand your horizons. The advantages of working abroad include:

  • Acquiring international work experience
  • Access to better employment opportunities, better salaries, and perks
  • Gain knowledge of customs of foreign lands
  • Improving your foreign language skills
  • Awareness of the workplace dynamics of a different country
  • Chance to network and meet new people and make new friends

While there are obvious advantages of working abroad, there are also many myths about it. Before you embark on your journey to work abroad, you should be aware of them and know how far they are true so that you can take an informed decision. Here we explore some common myths about working abroad.

Myth 1: You will need international work experience to find a job abroad

This sounds much like the chicken and egg story, but is not necessarily true. If you have the necessary qualifications and the required work experience in your country then there is no reason why international employers would not want to hire you. If you bring to the table so many qualities, that lack of international work experience should be of minimum concern both for you and the company willing to hire you.

Myth 2:  It is difficult to adjust to a foreign culture

Adjusting to a foreign culture is more of a personal limitation you set up for yourself. Gone are the days when people of different countries lived in a vacuum unaware of the culture and customs of other countries. With the internet, you have access to any information and social media helps you connect with people from remote parts of the world. There is enough opportunity for you to learn about the culture of a country even before you enter it. With this knowledge you can prepare yourself mentally to adjust to the culture of the country that you are willing to relocate.

Foreign companies seek to hire employees who can adjust well to a new environment and are at ease even outside their comfort zone. Adaptability will work in your favor, so this myth should not be a deterrent in your bid to work abroad.

Myth 3:  It will be easier to find an overseas job if you are already working abroad

This is not necessarily true; you can always search for a job from your home country using online methods. Another option is to use the services of an international job search consultant who will help you find an international job matching your skill sets in the country of your preference.

Myth 4: Proficiency in English is not required. You can learn on the job.

Proficiency in English language is important especially for countries like Canada which has a minimum score requirement in IELTS. This is a prerequisite for immigration programs such as Express Entry which is the easiest way to move to Canada as a professional.

These are some of the myths associated with working abroad, do not make the mistake of believing them blindly. Do your research, get the right perspective and be well-informed before you embark on your overseas job. Good luck!

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