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Dubai Visitor Visa

Riding cars of your choice in the UAE could be your dream! UAE’s car rental companies help you realise that dream!    

If you are planning to go on a visitor visa to UAE, make use of car rental services. Car rental companies in UAE offer you a variety of cars. They offer services that are flexible in cost and other options. Choose SUVs or sedans and travel comfortably with the right documents and license in hand. Give your tourist visa more value for money using this service.   

Car rental services give you freedom from the hassles of owning a car. For a tourist, it helps to plan trips well and feasibly. Budget options in car rentals help tourists to get smart at renting the right car. For example, renting a hatchback or sedan can cost tourists DH 30 to DH 70.   

When you are going to rent a car in UAE as a tourist, be sure that you:   

  • keep a passport and visiting visa copy   
  • have your native country driving license or international driving permit ready   

Still, you should check that your native country’s driving license is accepted in UAE. Ask your visa consultant about it. Clarify that with your rental service provider. Besides the rental charges, you would need to pay    

  • A certain amount of deposit money. This will be paid back after deducting fines or charges incurred within 2 weeks of returning the car 
  • The Salik or toll fee amount to pay at the Salik gate   
  • Fuelling charges   

Now, you may be having an afterthought about renting cars considering the duration of the visit. For a short visit, renting cars is the best option. Ideally, buy a car for long stays like a year or more. Also, renting cars is a smart choice as it gives you the chance to drive different models!   

There is a daily cap of DH 16 on toll charges in the UAE. This means, even after crossing gates more than 4 times, you spend no more than that. Per crossing costs DH 4.   

Enjoy your stay in UAE with amazing options like car rentals.   

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