Nova Scotia (Canada) introduces immigration scheme for doctors

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The province of Nova Scotia is introducing a new immigration scheme for doctors. This scheme is, however, applicable to applicants who are allowed to work there. It is said that physicians are currently accepted by Nova Scotia from 29 jurisdictions, including the US and the UK.

Lena Diab, Immigration Minister, announced this at a news conference on 22 February, said that it will benefit the province as it is trying to hire more doctors. She was quoted by the CBC News as saying that with this new process, bureaucratic hurdles would be done away with. According to reports, to hire immigrant doctors, the applications can be processed within five to ten days.

Diab said that they do not need to check their educational qualifications, their language or credentials. She says it has been made possible because they have been collaborating with the health authority, the College of Physicians and the IWK [Health Sciences Centre] who were doing it for them.

It was said that British Columbia also has a similar process. This announcement, however, does not imply that doctors can be hired within few weeks. To be eligible, it is a must for physicians to have a job offer in the province in hand. They would then need to go through the licensing process with Surgeons of Nova Scotia and the College of Physicians.

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