Canada post-COVID-19 Canada in view right now

Canada in post-COVID-19 world

If a country is in the best position to look forward to how it’s going to move ahead in a post-COVID-19 scenario, it has to be Canada. The future of Canada immigration is now up to much-deserving speculation.

It’s a well-known fact that immigration is Canada’s major way to develop its social and economic sectors. Immigration Canada has maintained and developed is shaped by the country’s capacity to integrate newcomers, processing capacity, politics, economy, and demographics. While these are internal factors, the external factors constituting global circumstances will keep influencing the country.

In a post-COVID-19 world, Canada will move ahead with its immigration targets set until the year 2023. In fact, Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Immigration Minister, is already discussing these targets with Canada’s provincial ministers. The discussions extend to even international students who are a major part of Canada’s immigration.

It’s also encouraging for Canada that a majority of its population is confident about immigration driving the country ahead.

In terms of demographics, Canada is expected to see 9 million baby boomers reaching retirement age by 2030. The country is also expected to have a further dip in the already lower birth rate due to the uncertain times triggered by COVID-19.

2034 could be a significant year for Canada’s immigration. By 2034, immigrants are expected to constitute 100% of the population of Canada. Their contribution to economic growth, job creation, and labor market participation will be quite high.

An advantage for Canada from the COVID-19 situation comes in the form of increased global interest in Canada immigration. This is because people think that the severe economic hit from COVID-19 will have the least affect on Canada.

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