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Posted on September 10 2020

Canada makes a gradual recovery; employment rates are up!

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Canada’s employment scene is picking up and the numbers are building to prove that. Gracefully, Canada is bringing itself around and putting itself back on track. This is even reflecting in immigration Canada has been keeping alive and active through the tough times.

Canada is coming back from the loss of 3 million jobs right from when the lockdowns and travel bans took effect in mid-March 2020. It’s indeed great news that by the day, more and more people are coming back to work as the restrictive measures are gradually dropped. Look at the August Labor Force Survey and you can see that the easing of public health restrictions is bringing back more job opportunities to Canadians and particularly immigrants who will work in Canada.

Take August 2020. For Canadians, this month registered a rise in employment of 1.4%, which was a rise to within 5.7% of the levels in pre-COVID-19 times. For existing immigrants, employment rose by 1.6% and for new ones, it grew by 2.2%. The rise in employment for new immigrants happened due to a dip in population in this category as arrivals were pretty low in pandemic times.

In fact, full-time positions saw the highest gains in employment. Also, the growth in employment was concentrated in the services sector. The employment growth in the services sector was 1.5%.

In the services sector, the sectors of education services, food and accommodation services, and the other services like salons registered most growth.

The decline in natural resources affected the production sector and hence gains in the goods-producing sector got offset.

Coming to labor force participation, men are now at 0.2% of the levels before COVID-19 while women re below pre-pandemic levels by 1.3%. This indicates that women are currently engaged in activities like child-care, that are not related to employment.

Some visible minorities like Blacks, Arabs, and Southeast Asians have higher unemployment now. While the national rate of unemployment is 11.1%, Blacks have 17.6%, Arabs have 17.9%, and Southeast Asians have 16.6% of unemployment.

Comparing with February 2020 levels, youth and low-wage workers registered employment rates of 86% while other employees have impressively touched 99.1% of employment levels in pre-pandemic times.

Canada still has the big task of recovering 1.1 million jobs that were lost since the onset of the pandemic. But considering the recovery of 1.9 million jobs in recent months, signs of steady improvement are clearly seen in Canada. What’s more, 246,000 jobs created in August 2020. Before that, in July 2020, 419,000 jobs were recovered. In May and June, a total of 1.2 million jobs were recovered.

That’s great going for Canada.

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