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Engineering Manager

An engineering manager’s role is to plan, direct, organize, and regulate the activities of a department or firm of engineers. They can work for a variety of commercial and public companies, engineering consultants, and scientific research firms. Engineering managers are in charge of project management, and problem solving. They are responsible for planning, directing, organizing, and managing an organization’s technical and engineering operations.

How to migrate to Canada as an engineering manager?

Engineering management is one of the targeted occupations in the Global Talent Stream. Engineering Managers with experience can avail the facility of quick processing of their Canada work permit in order to migrate to Canada. This program was introduced to help Canadian companies look for external talent and overcome the dearth of local tech talent. Under this scheme, companies can fill in their talent requirements quickly. The visa processing time is reduced from six months to only ten business days. This also helps applicants get a quick response to their application. Their work permit will be processed within two weeks.

Once they are in Canada, they can apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system.

Before that check if you are eligible for migration to Canada using the Y-Axis Canada eligibility points calculator.

How much does an engineering manager earn in Canada?

Median wage per hour- The median wage for this profession is 52 dollars per hour and the maximum wages for this profession is in Alberta where the median wage is 57 dollars per hour.

Wage Report

Community/Area Wages ($/hour)
Low Median High
Canada 30.77 52.31 76.92
Alberta 36.06 57.69 84.00
British Columbia 31.25 52.88 81.73
Manitoba 23.38 51.28 76.92
New Brunswick 23.00 48.08 82.05
Newfoundland and Labrador 23.00 48.08 82.05
Northwest Territories N/A N/A N/A
Nova Scotia 23.00 48.08 82.05
Nunavut N/A N/A N/A
Ontario 30.05 51.28 75.00
Prince Edward Island 22.00 48.70 60.10
Quebec 27.78 49.00 76.92
Saskatchewan 40.87 60.00 80.77

Skills required

  • Management skills required are:
    • Controlling and allocating resources
    • Organization and coordination
    • Evaluation
    • Hiring and recruiting
    • Strategic planning
    • Supervision
  • Analytical skills include the ability to:
    • Analyze information
    • Planning
    • Projection of outcomes
    • Research and investigation
  • Communication skills required are:
    • Conduct interviews
    • Networking
    • Negotiation
  • Business, Finance and Management skills required are:
    • Business administration
    • Client service
  • Engineering and Technology skills

3-year job prospect-The job prospect in the next three years for engineering managers is good especially in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec.

10-year prospect

The balance between labor supply and demand exhibited in recent years is predicted to remain over the projection period, as job vacancies and job searchers are expected to be at nearly comparable levels. Employment growth and retirements are predicted to account for the majority of job opportunities.

Employment requirements

Bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Experience in an engineering discipline, including supervisory experience is required.

A provincial or territorial association of professional engineers must register you as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.).

Job responsibilities

Plan, organize, direct, regulate, and assess an engineering department’s, service’s, or company’s operations and activities.

In the department, operation, laboratory, or firm, develop and enforce engineering and technical work plans, standards, and procedures.

Consult and negotiate with clients while preparing specifications, clarifying ideas, and presenting engineering reports and outcomes.

Assign, organize, and monitor the technical work of the department or project teams.

Recruit personnel and oversee their skill development and maintenance in the areas required.

They may be directly involved in the design, manufacture, and inspection of technical projects, as well as the engineering work of the department.

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