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There are many barriers for new immigrants in Canada’s job market. These include credential recognition issues. Other barriers come as cultural or language barriers. These barriers could make it hard for newcomers to blend in with the local community. It can even affect their ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and employers. This could even create discrimination.

YES is one of the many employment centers in Toronto. It helps the underemployed and unemployed to get jobs in their fields of expertise. They also work with employers and educate them on the benefits of hiring immigrants. This helps in alleviating their prejudice towards foreign workers to a great extent.

Canadians are seeing the advantages of immigration Canada works on so dedicatedly. The immigrants plug the gaps in the labor market and contribute to population growth in Canada. Ensuring their access to jobs and their long-term success thus becomes necessary for the prosperity of Canada.

The OHRC has created the policy on removing the barriers in the Canadian experience. It outlines the human rights issues that follow the unequal access to opportunities to find jobs, based on foreign experience.

In the efforts to make the scenario better for international workers who work in Canada, it’s important for them to understand a few things that Canadian employers expect of them.

  • A Canadian-style resume is the first thing to make to get a better entry to get along with a Canadian employer. You will get tips on creating one on the Canadian government’s website, that lists the DOs and DON’Ts of resume writing. Visit this link.
  • The next step is to get your credentials right and honest. It will be good to get a credential evaluation done by the candidate so that he/she can be clear as to where their credentials will get accepted and where not. For example, if the employer insists on graduation done from a Canadian university or college, and you haven’t one, you may check if an equivalent degree will do. If not, you should look for other opportunities that favor you.

YES conducts free online workshops for immigrants regarding job interviews, resume writing, and more. Though these are focused on jobs in Toronto, such initiatives on a federal level could be explored and utilized.

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YES – Youth Employment Services

OHRC – Ontario Human Rights Council

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